NYX Ultimate Warm Palette

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Everyone girls favorite thing to buy is makeup. I love makeup am I good at applying, not so much but that's ok. Don't worry I never leave the house with on, I don't want people staring at me! I am very picky when it comes to makeup. I'm not really into bright eyeshadows, I'm more of a neutral warm tone kind of person. So while I was on Instagram NYX cosmetics posted a picture of their ultimate warm palette and I almost flipped out. 
This palette is so gorgeous! The colors are vibrant but not loud if you get my drift. In this palette you will light softer tones and dark warm tones. I like the variety in this palette because if you're going for a simple look you have the look light colors but if you want an evening look you can spice it up with the warmer colors! 
I'm very excited about these colors because they are super pigmented and they don't look washed out. In my opinion, I feel like certain makeup palettes give off the illusion that the colors have a lot of pigment but when you swatch or apply it to your eye, the colors don't show up as much. So it's like your packing on the eyeshadow 3 to 4 times for it to pop. 
Row 1: These colors for me would be great for the highlight under the brows. If you're simple like me you could also use these for an everyday look. 
Row 2: This row would be a more elegant classy look paired together with the colors in the first row. 
Row 3: Here's my favorite row by far! These colors are so gorgeous and would go great for a Summertime look. This is where the vibrancy comes in with this palette. If you want to give your eyes a hot and spicy look, this is the row for you! 
Row 4: This row is my second favorite and it leans more towards an evening/ nighttime look, in my opinion. This row is darker but not dull, by any means. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! What makeup have you been loving lately?

A Summer Wishlist Featuring Notino

Thursday, July 13, 2017
I love shopping online, I mean who doesn't. For one it's more affordable than regular stores, more importantly it's convenient and saves time. One online store that I really like is Notino. If you haven't read my previous posts on them, I'll explain to you. Their an affordable online store that has a variety of products. From hair to makeup to SkinCare, you name it! I decided to make this wishlist inspired by the Summer. So keep reading to see what's on my wishlist.

              Images via Notino
NYX Professional Makeup Be Gone! Cleansing Wipes
When I find a product that I like, I usually stick to it. The NYX Cleansing Wipes is my favorite thing to use for removing my makeup. I am definitely going to be repurchasing this product. It doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy.
Avène Skin Care Soothing And Hydrating Mask
During the Summer months parts of my gets dry. I'm looking for a product that will help my skin feel soft and erase the redness that I experience. The Avène soothing and hydrating mask seems like a good product to help with all my problems. 
Tigi Pro Hair Sectioning Clips 
When working on my hair, it tends to become a messy process. My hair is either clumped together or all over my face. So I can't wait to use these clips. They are used for sectioning the hair in different parts. This will help me moisturized each part of my and ensure that I don't leave any section out. My hair tends to get dry during the Summer.  
Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel For Normal To Combination Skin
If you're like me, then your skin isn't  just in one category. I have a combination of dry and oily skin. This is so annoying because for the most part it's hard to find a product that works for both problems. So when I found the Clarins HydraQuench Cream Gel, I knew I wanted to try this out. 
Bath & Body Works Cocoshea Cucumber Body Scrub For Women
I love using body scrubs! Not only are they great for exfoliating, but the results are smooth soft skin. So I would love to try this cucumber body scrub. When I think of cucumbers, I feel calm and relaxed. Most importantly it would be great for a pamper day! 
Astor Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Without Acetone 
I recently started paying attention to things that are in the products, I use. So while doing some research I learned that Acetone is not good for you. Using remover with Acetone will dry your cuticles. So I will be purchasing Acetone free remover. 
I hope you enjoyed reading my Summer wishlist and make sure you check out Notino. What's on your wishlist? 

Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Mood

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I don't know about you, but when I'm not in a good mood it seems as if the day is one obstacle after another. I mean it's like a ripple effect, that I just can't get past. When I used to hear people say, "If you wake up in a bad mood, your whole day will be negative".

Usually I just brushed them off until it actually happened to me one day. I was pissed of at every little thing that happened. So I started having a positive mindset and it actually does help, sometimes! In case you're feeling this way sometimes or quite often, I decided to share with you ways to get out of a bad mood. 
Wake Up Early.
I'm not a morning person at all. So this is contradicting what I'm trying to say. But seriously waking up 5 minutes earlier actually helps get the day started. During these five minutes you can meditate, do a couple of yoga poses or writing out tasks you want to complete throughout the day. Another way to you can be motivated is by reading inspirational quotes to keep you staying positive. 
Write Goals.
It's great to setup goals for yourself. Not only does it keep you organized but it helps you keep track of your progress. In my opinion having a plan keeps me grounded and I knowing the things I want to accomplish help me stay motivated. 
Find A New Hobby.
Taking up a new hobby can definitely have a positive effect on you. Maybe you've out grown your current hobby or you may need a break from it. You can go to a kickboxing class, rock climb and even hiking. I would love to go hiking and this is definitely on my bucket list! If you're not into this stuff you can take dance classes, paint during your free time or knit. Sometimes I like to make friendship bracelets, your probably thinking how old is she! 
Take Time For Yourself.
Everyone deserves to have some peace and quiet for themselves. During this time you can take a hour or so to give yourself a spa day at home. You can even go to the park and walk around and get some fresh air!

I hope you have these ways helpful and if you things you do, please let me know!