6 Things I Love About Blogging

Friday, August 18, 2017
I don't know what my life would have been like if I wasn't a blogger. For some reason I don't ever want to know. I can't believe I'm saying these words, very sentimental and funny at the same time. I didn't even know what blogging was until I started on social media. 
Sometimes I wish that I had started blogging sooner than I did. What if I hadn't deleted my blog in June 2012? What if I gave up completely and never started again in October of that same year? So many questions but yet I don't really have a clear answer. 

Over the years I've learned so much about myself and about other people. I can go on a long rant about how much blogging has changed me. But I'm pretty sure that would be boring and awkward. So I decide to share the 6 things I love about blogging. 

The Blogging Community 
I haven't experienced any negativity from the blogging community, so I would have to say it's amazing. Everyone is so supportive and that doesn't come by often. If you have a question people will take the time to help and if they don't know the answer, they will direct you to someone who might.
Twitter Chats 
I love twitter chats, you meet a lot of bloggers. I feel like these chats are a way of getting to know people on a more personal level. Most of these chats are fun and the others are super informative with helpful tips for your blog.
Creating Content 
I actually love writing, because it's a form of expression for me. I can write for hours and hours, which has never been the case for me in the beginning.
Receiving Comments on my blog
I love receiving comments on my blog it makes my day. I take time to reply to comments and I also go on the persons blog to comment. I know I have been slacking, but because of that I like to comment on more than one post from a blogger.

Taking Photos
This use to be my least favorite thing to do and the passion for it was a struggle. I didn't realize how creative I could be with photos, which made it difficult for me to enjoy. But now this is my favorite part.

Supporting Other Bloggers
I love supporting other people especially bloggers. Whether it's a retweet, like, commenting and sharing their posts or blog I'll do it. I want them to know that I like reading their blog and how much I enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed reading! What are the things you love about blogging?

Places To Buy Props

Thursday, August 17, 2017
When I first started blogging I either used images from google or I just didn't have any. As time past I realized it would be better if I took my own pictures. So three years ago, I bought a camera but there was still work to do. My pictures were ok since I was just starting, but there was still room for improvement.
So let's fast forward to the beginning of last year. I was in a slump about my blog and nothing could make me happy about it. My pictures weren't good enough and I just wanted to give up. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and start taking better care of my blog. During my break from blogging, I researched ways I could make my photos better and I came across a lot of helpful tips on props and backgrounds for my pictures. 
Before I did my research I would look at other blogs and wonder how did they create such gorgeous pictures. I always thought that everything was so expensive and personally I wasn't going to pay for all of that. But reading bloggers tips and tricks on great photos, showed me that you can create a marble background or the white fluffy background we all admire. I guess that's the whole point of a D.I.Y. Project! 
So listed below are the props that I like to use for my blog posts. You can find these items or similar ones at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Shopping Online. Most importantly a lot of these items can be found at home. In my opinion it's nice to use what you have on hand. It honestly makes the pictures unique.

The Dollar Tree is great because, well the name can speak for itself. I like buying candles, flowers and succulents from here. It's affordable and there's a variety of colors or scents! I get most of my beauty products from Walmart. So I like incorporating them as props in my photos. Some props may not be available in stores, so Shopping Online is your best friend. I've never bought props online, but I have seen some things I should put on my wishlist.
Beauty Props: If you're looking for props for beauty posts, you probably already have them on hand. I don't mean products that you're reviewing, but ones about makeup tips or hair hacks. 
Makeup Brushes 
Nail Polish
Hair Products
Hair Ties
Bobby Pins
Lifestyle Props: These are my favorite props to look for. It's super simple and this topic is so versatile. 
Fashion Props: If You're into Fashion, I think there is so much you can do. You have so many different and unique styles to take pictures of!

Purses/ Handbags
Home Décor Props: I love reading décor posts because you get a sense of the bloggers style and they may post some good tips and suggestions to follow. Also some of these products, if not all are found at your house.
Fruit Bowls 
Pots & Pans
Tea Cups

Backgrounds: For my backgrounds I bought marble contact paper from Amazon for about $12. You can also get contact paper from Walmart or Target, but it will not be marble. I also like using my shag rug, it costs $5 at Five Below.


Things You Can Do To Relax

Thursday, July 27, 2017
Life can be stressful at times and it may seem as if you can never catch a break. Whether you're working, going to school, taking care of kids, making sure everything is in one piece at home or whatever the case may be you need some time to relax. Honestly even if it's just 15 minutes, that small amount of time  really does help. So I decided to share with you the things you can do to relax.
Indulge In Something You Don't Usually Have Or Do. 
Sometimes it's ok to indulge, besides you deserve it. It can be going shopping or having your favorite snack. It can be as simple as catching up on your favorite YouTube channel!
Take A Nice Hot Bubble Bath.
I'm sure this one is everyone's favorite thing to do. Not only is taking a hot bath relaxing but adding in your favorite bubbles or bath bombs, definitely puts the cherry on top of the cake. This can really clear your mind and get you back focused and motivated.
Read Your Favorite Magazine.
I'm guilty of reading the latest gossip, but this really relaxing. Seeing what's going on with your favorite celebrity and checking out new beauty trends. A few of my favorite magazines to read are: People, US Magazine, and Cosmopolitan! 
Binge Watch A Series On Netflix.
If you're one who's into the Whole "Netflix and Chill" thing that's fine, but for me it's more like Netflix and stuff my face with pizza and ice cream!
Take A Nice Long Walk.
Walking definitely helps you to relax. It's very calming and if you're anything like me your mind wonders off, into another world. Taking walks also help clear your mind. For me I get inspiration from this and I start to plan all of the things I want to accomplish. Plus any form of exercise is a great stress reliever! 
I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know if you have other ideas on the things you can do to relax.