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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Blogger Opp ~ Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Giveaway ($100RV) #Free & #Paid Options Available

Deliciously Savvy is Hosting a Giveaway in Which 1 Lucky Winner Will Receive a Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 (available in 3 color choices & includes 3 Basil Plant Capsules). This is an Amazing Unit To Grow Your Own Indoor Garden. There are #Free & #Paid Options Available So Sign Up Today!

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1 Lucky Winner Will Receive a Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 in their choice of color. Includes 3 Basil plant capsules.

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Giveaway Dates: 12/15/2017 9PM EST until 01/14/2018 11:59PM EST

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My Blog Is 5!

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Five years ago on this exact date my life changed. Part of my life I guess you can say. You what scratch that, blogging has become a huge part of me. It has definitely made a huge impact on me. The only thing that’s the same is my personality and I still look the same! In this post I’m going to be more open with you guys. I’m going to tell you I how felt about my blog up until last year. I’m honest in everything I write, so why should this be any different. In another post that I wrote, I mentioned I started blogging in June of 2012. Unfortunately that didn’t work out and I deleted the blog no sooner than I published my first post. 

I’m actually glad it didn’t work out, because I wasn’t ready. So it’s safe to say I started exactly when I was suppose to. Before that I had no confidence at all and my self esteem was really low. Now in this present time it’s gotten a lot better but I’m still a work in progress. But anyway I’m moving ahead of myself. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I was going to take this risk it was really now or never. 

I was clueless, confused and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I had no one to help me, so I was in this alone. I apologize if you see any errors and for this post, it’s on purpose. I’m writing this at this very moment and my mind is running in circles. I am feeling so many emotions. But this is me Ashley and you’re just going to have to accept that! 

To be honest with you guys, I didn’t think I would still be blogging. Remember in the beginning of this post I said up until last year.  In the beginning of 2016 I wanted to throw in the towel, I was just fed up with my blog. I just felt like there was no point to continue with and it was useless.

That’s when I decided to dissect the real problems I had with my blog. Previously I had two blog names “life of a Jerseygirl and Ashley Olivia”. Obviously the second name is the my real name, so when I changed it, I wasn’t losing anything because it’s still my real life name! Anyway in March of last year I changed my name “hopefully” for the final time. I believe “Pieces Of Ashley” is a better fit. I’m sharing pieces of my life with you, so it only makes sense. I have also changed my blog design so many times, because I thought that was the reason. That led me to the real reason, which was my blog photos. So during that time I researched ways to make my photos better. I brought props and I got out of my comfort zone, I challenged myself and my creativity. It was all worth it. 

I won’t bore you with anymore because I have a lot of posts on the changes my blog has been through. As I always say blogging has changed my life in a good and I’m so glad I opened the door to this journey. I couldn’t see my life without my blog. All of the opportunities I’ve and experienced and will continue too, I’ve become a good writer and blogging has taught me to be more organized. I’m happy for is all of the wonderful bloggers I talk to. To  One more thing I forgot to mention, I bought my own domain in July and I know it's something small but this has always been important to me. To say that I can finally enjoy my blog is progress. My blog and I have grown together and it's amazing!

I hope you have enjoyed reading! If you want to know about all of the changes my blog has went through, I will leave the links to each post below!

Avène Cleanance Micellar Water

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
I’m not an expert on skin care products and honestly I don’t even have a routine. You’re probably thinking, “Is she even normal?”. Anyway I like trying a range of products it keeps my options open. But seriously I need a skincare routine that fits my needs. For awhile I’ve been hearing people talk about Micellar Water and I knew I had to try it out myself. So I found it on Notino, which is an online store I like to shop from. They have so many variety of products from perfumes to makeup!

Cleanance Micellar water gently removes impurities, including makeup, from the face and eyes without the need of rinsing, and helps to reduce excess sebum thanks to Monolaurin. Avène Thermal Spring Water provides soothing and anti-irritating benefits. It leaves the skin clean, clear and refreshed. This product is used to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and proven tolerance on oily and acne-prone skin. 

Overall I really like the Micellar cleansing water. It’s great for people with blemishes and  problematic acne- prone skin, which is something I’ve been struggling with lately. This Cleansing Water absorbs easily onto my skin without leaving any greasy residue or sticky feeling. It’s light weight and isn’t heavy on my skin. I love how it’s soothing on my skin and I don’t experience redness, like I normally do with other products. Another plus is the Cleanance Micellar Water is can also be used to remove makeup! To use this product apply in the morning and/or evening to the face and eyes using a cotton pad. If needed, follow with a light mist of Avène Thermal Spring Water, gently pat dry and apply a suitable skin care. This costs $19.90 and the bottle size is 13.52 oz. I think this is a great size and worth it, because the product will last a while before you run out. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what products you like to use for your skin! 

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