Conair Curls 'n Curls Curling Iron 3/4 Inch

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I decided to do a mini review on the "Conair Curls 'n Curls Curling Iron", because I wanted to let everyone know what I thought about the product. First I want to start off by saying that the only hair tools I use are from the Conair brand, with the exception of my Instyler. I have short hair right now and my hair stops at the end of my neck. So curling irons I've used in the past that had a bigger barrel did not give me the tight curls I was looking for. When using the curling iron, the end result would usually be a flipped hairstyle. I would think that something was wrong with my hair, because I could not even make a curl. That was not the problem, the problem was that I wasn't using the right size curling iron for my hair. To be honest when I would buy a curling iron, I didn't pay attention to the size (call me crazy) it was my mistake!

So anyway I saw this and I knew I had to have it and the good thing about it is the price. It's ONLY $10.00, you can't beat that price! This curling iron is 3/4 inches which is perfect to use, especially if you like tight curls. It does not matter whether you have short or long hair. On the curling iron there is a button and when you plug it in, the light comes on. The heat of the curling iron does not have a temperature setting, it gets hot on its own and the temperature gets very hot. I would recommend this curling iron because it gives me great tight curls, but if you have longer hair you can have tight or loose. Wearing tight curls reminds me of when I was little and I would wear Shirley Temple curls! If you have any questions, I will try to answer them, so make sure you check back!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this curling iron! Let me know if you heard about it before! 

*I used Google Images

Color Theory:8 Piece Ultimate Eyeliner Set

Monday, January 21, 2013
I love Eyeliner; eyeliner is my go to look. Anytime I had eyeliner my eyes would look like their dressed up! The only eyeliner I have ever wore up until this point was black; because that was the only color I thought was out (crazy of me right?!) Anyway lately I've seen many girls wear different color eyeliner, mainly on YouTube; so I knew immediately I would have to try it. After a while I forgot all about them, until Christmas of 2012 when I received them. I was so excited because my Mom didn't even know I wanted them; now that I am thinking I didn't even ask! 

Now I can match up the colors with eyeshadow. Enough of that here's the box they came in and I have the colors listed below. On the back it just talks about the different styles you can do with the eyeliners. For example: The famous winged look (instructions for it are on the back).                

Colors Included:
Glimmering Dark Gray
Deep Copper
Dark Brown
Midnight Blue

I hope you enjoyed reading this post  and I can't wait to try this eyeliner set!                                                                                         


Is there a guide to blogging?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's been 3 months since I started blogging and I already have 57 followers and I am so grateful and thankful. In a million years I would have never imagined being a blogger. But sometimes I do not feel like one. I mean I know being a successful and known blogger doesn't happen overnight, but sometimes I get discouraged. I have always been someone who is cautious and worries about what people think, so sometimes I feel no one will like what I post. I also feel like, because I am not a well known blogger no one will take the time and give me a chance.

I am just being myself, is there something wrong with that? So I started feeling lost and I didn't know what to do; then I thought "Is there a guide to blogging?". Not only did I have these thoughts, but I was also thinking that there are so many wonderful bloggers (beauty, fashion, and lifestyle), so who would even notice my blog. So is there a book to teach people how to blog or am I just overreacting? Sometimes I still feel like I am doing something wrong, but I am realizing that I have to be patience. But sometimes it is hard to keep the readers engaged. Any thoughts to help me? Whether you are a blogger or not, your opinion matters.

If you are a blogger how did you get started and did you face any obstacles along the way?

Ardell Complete Brow Grooming Kit

Sunday, January 13, 2013
Sometimes I cannot stand how my eyebrows look. Going to get them wax on a regular just doesn't fit with my time. Besides after their waxed I start to get bumps on my eyebrows. Am I the only one this happens to? Anyways when I went to Sears not to long ago, I saw this kit and I had to have it, especially since it was the last one they had. As soon as I got home, I immediately opened it, tried it, and I loved it! It didn't cost a lot and I figured why spend $10 or more on eyebrow waxes every time you go, when you can buy the kit at a store. For me I know what I want my eyebrows to look like not anyone else.

This complete brow grooming kit includes: 

Trim and Shaper
Precision Shaper
Brow Comb/ Brush
Brow Grooming Pencil 
Instructions on using all of these products

Trim Shaper: Used above and between the brows
Precision Shaper: Used underneath the brow for the perfect arch
Brow Comb/Brush: Used to keep brows in place
Brow Grooming Pencil: Keeps perfectly shaped brows set in place
 I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and let me know what eyebrow tools you use!

*I used Google Images


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life throws many things at you, and I don’t mean lemons! To me life throws challenges, obstacles and lessons to learn at people. The main reason is to see if you can handle them or not. Life is all about taking risks, but a few years ago I was not trying to hear that. As a sixteen year old high school I guess was preparing me for the “real world” … but that is not true. Teachers would tell us that they are preparing us for the reality of life, maybe for college and needing an education and getting a job but, that is only the basics of life. They never got into details about what exactly we need to be prepared for. For example, they didn’t tell us that we would encounter mean people; they didn’t tell us society would judge us for being ourselves, nor did they tell us that life was hard.

I always thought that society painted an image of how we all should act or what we all should look like and I found out that I was right. Teachers prepared us for the reality of school and jobs not the reality of how people treat other or what to expect. For me even before high school I did not like to take risks, because I was to scare. I will admit it I am still scared to take risks, but I have started to. I am 21 years old and I will admit that I do have some regrets. There not major regrets just minor like: going to sports games at my school. I did not really find them interesting but just being with friends and experiencing the games together. 

There was a point when I didn’t like school (I’m pretty sure all of us had that feeling). Sometimes it would be people in the halls just acting silly or mean and I didn’t even know them. I didn’t have the patience for it and I was getting tired. Maybe it was because of the atmosphere, because I have been there for almost four years and I was about to graduate… I honestly do not know. Enough about that, all I am saying is that, no matter how much you try to prepare for the “read world” you do not really know what to expect. So when I hear the saying “When life throws you lemons” I just think to myself and say that would be too easy. I am sure you’re thinking why? The reason is if life is throwing you lemons that means that the same problems and challenges are being thrown. 

Now how can you learn and grow if you’re being thrown the same lesson that you’ve already been taught?

My New Year's Resolution

Monday, January 7, 2013
        Happy New Year's everyone! 

Every year when December 31 comes around I get a little sad, it takes me a while to get use to change... especially a new year. But anyway enough of that. I always make a new year's resolution and one or two things happen: I just don't follow them or I start, but never finish. So last year in December I told myself to stop making resolutions if I am not going to go through with them. So for the year 2013 I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE ONE!! I decided that I am just going to be a better me than I was the year before. I do not want to focus on just one thing to change, like the previous years. So I am going to be a better me. I feel like this is a clean start for me. I feel like I am evolving into the young woman I was meant to be. I have always been the mature friend, cautious person, and responsible one. But I wanted to do something more. I have started a blog, created a twitter( which I said I would never do) and met a lot of down to earth people so that is the good thing. 


My 21st Birthday

I am finally 21 years old! I remember when I was younger and I could not wait for this age. But then my feelings changed as soon as I started counting down the minutes I had left as a 20 year old. I remember as soon as the clock turned 12:00am, December 16... I was like I am legal! But then I started to cry, not because I just turned 21, but because I wanted to be a kid again. I was not ready to be an adult... part of me still wants to be little again watching cartoons and not having to worry about the real world. But then my mom reminded me that just because I am 21, it doesn't change anything... that made me feel better. I am learning to embrace being 21 and my mom like always was right, being 21 does not change anything. I am still the same Ashley the only difference is I am another year older. 

My birthday came so quick and I think I was so overwhelmed; maybe it's because I am afraid of growing up, I mean I wasn't prepared for this.. but I guess no one is prepared for this. Anyway, I received birthday wishes from family and friends and I also received some birthday cards. Later on that day I went out to eat with some of my family... we went to Chili's and their food is the best. I had a great time with my family as always. One of the things I got besides birthday cards was a gift card for iTunes! I am so obsessed with iTunes! The next day I went shopping looking for makeup brushes and I came across an ULTA store and purchased ecotools earth-friendly beauty: Bamboo 6 piece brush set. I love them! They have them at ULTA and Target.

This includes: Blush Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Lash and Brow Groomer, Concealer Brush, and a Cosmetic Bag.

I also brought elf's eyelid primer from Target. I had brought two eye shadow bases from sears weeks prior to this and there is a big difference, I like them both but my favorite is the eye shadow base!

I hope you enjoyed reading my birthday post! Have you tried any of these products?