Ardell Complete Brow Grooming Kit

Sunday, January 13, 2013
Sometimes I cannot stand how my eyebrows look. Going to get them wax on a regular just doesn't fit with my time. Besides after their waxed I start to get bumps on my eyebrows. Am I the only one this happens to? Anyways when I went to Sears not to long ago, I saw this kit and I had to have it, especially since it was the last one they had. As soon as I got home, I immediately opened it, tried it, and I loved it! It didn't cost a lot and I figured why spend $10 or more on eyebrow waxes every time you go, when you can buy the kit at a store. For me I know what I want my eyebrows to look like not anyone else.

This complete brow grooming kit includes: 

Trim and Shaper
Precision Shaper
Brow Comb/ Brush
Brow Grooming Pencil 
Instructions on using all of these products

Trim Shaper: Used above and between the brows
Precision Shaper: Used underneath the brow for the perfect arch
Brow Comb/Brush: Used to keep brows in place
Brow Grooming Pencil: Keeps perfectly shaped brows set in place
 I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and let me know what eyebrow tools you use!

*I used Google Images


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  4. Amazingly I've never touched my eyebrows (I'm 26) and they're fairly well presented! Probs need to get rid of a few strays though ;)

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