Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life throws many things at you, and I don’t mean lemons! To me life throws challenges, obstacles and lessons to learn at people. The main reason is to see if you can handle them or not. Life is all about taking risks, but a few years ago I was not trying to hear that. As a sixteen year old high school I guess was preparing me for the “real world” … but that is not true. Teachers would tell us that they are preparing us for the reality of life, maybe for college and needing an education and getting a job but, that is only the basics of life. They never got into details about what exactly we need to be prepared for. For example, they didn’t tell us that we would encounter mean people; they didn’t tell us society would judge us for being ourselves, nor did they tell us that life was hard.

I always thought that society painted an image of how we all should act or what we all should look like and I found out that I was right. Teachers prepared us for the reality of school and jobs not the reality of how people treat other or what to expect. For me even before high school I did not like to take risks, because I was to scare. I will admit it I am still scared to take risks, but I have started to. I am 21 years old and I will admit that I do have some regrets. There not major regrets just minor like: going to sports games at my school. I did not really find them interesting but just being with friends and experiencing the games together. 

There was a point when I didn’t like school (I’m pretty sure all of us had that feeling). Sometimes it would be people in the halls just acting silly or mean and I didn’t even know them. I didn’t have the patience for it and I was getting tired. Maybe it was because of the atmosphere, because I have been there for almost four years and I was about to graduate… I honestly do not know. Enough about that, all I am saying is that, no matter how much you try to prepare for the “read world” you do not really know what to expect. So when I hear the saying “When life throws you lemons” I just think to myself and say that would be too easy. I am sure you’re thinking why? The reason is if life is throwing you lemons that means that the same problems and challenges are being thrown. 

Now how can you learn and grow if you’re being thrown the same lesson that you’ve already been taught?


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  3. That's so true! Great post. There should be a subject called "life lessons" or something like that, although you never know what life brings x