My 21st Birthday

Monday, January 7, 2013

I am finally 21 years old! I remember when I was younger and I could not wait for this age. But then my feelings changed as soon as I started counting down the minutes I had left as a 20 year old. I remember as soon as the clock turned 12:00am, December 16... I was like I am legal! But then I started to cry, not because I just turned 21, but because I wanted to be a kid again. I was not ready to be an adult... part of me still wants to be little again watching cartoons and not having to worry about the real world. But then my mom reminded me that just because I am 21, it doesn't change anything... that made me feel better. I am learning to embrace being 21 and my mom like always was right, being 21 does not change anything. I am still the same Ashley the only difference is I am another year older. 

My birthday came so quick and I think I was so overwhelmed; maybe it's because I am afraid of growing up, I mean I wasn't prepared for this.. but I guess no one is prepared for this. Anyway, I received birthday wishes from family and friends and I also received some birthday cards. Later on that day I went out to eat with some of my family... we went to Chili's and their food is the best. I had a great time with my family as always. One of the things I got besides birthday cards was a gift card for iTunes! I am so obsessed with iTunes! The next day I went shopping looking for makeup brushes and I came across an ULTA store and purchased ecotools earth-friendly beauty: Bamboo 6 piece brush set. I love them! They have them at ULTA and Target.

This includes: Blush Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Lash and Brow Groomer, Concealer Brush, and a Cosmetic Bag.

I also brought elf's eyelid primer from Target. I had brought two eye shadow bases from sears weeks prior to this and there is a big difference, I like them both but my favorite is the eye shadow base!

I hope you enjoyed reading my birthday post! Have you tried any of these products?