Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you all are enjoying! For the past few years, I always thought you needed a significant other for Valentine's... I know now that this isn't true. You do not need a significant other to feel loved or to be loved. There are many people that love you (parents, siblings, and friends). To those of you who have significant others, I hope to find love like you all. But for now my family is my Valentine's this year! There are many things you can do for this special occasion if you do not have a Valentine. Here's a few things...

1. Spend time with your family, their the ones who love you the most right?!
2. Hang out with your friends and party!
3. Bake some Valentine treats!
4. Spend time by yourself. Get dressed up for yourself or wear Valentine     pajamas and make yourself some dinner or have some takeout.

Here's a list of things I love
 1. My family
 2. My friends
 3. Myself
 4. Sports (basketball)
 5. Fashion and everything beauty
 6. Music

                         What did you do for Valentine's Day?


  1. Happy Valentine's Day. What a lovely blog post! There is someone special out there just for you, and you will one day be together, when the time is right.