A Healthier Me

Saturday, April 6, 2013

For the year 2013, I did not make any resolutions; however I said that I wanted to be a better me than I was last year. So in order to do that I have to make positive changes to improve my life. I chose the title "A Healthier Me" because it means more than what you may think. So before I say all of the things I am changing, I will like to say this. Thank you so much to those of you who read my blog and to whom I became close with from blogging and being on twitter. I would not imagined my life to be like this. What I mean is, I was one who said I would not ever get a twitter because of so many reasons. I've been on twitter for almost a year, so there is no turning back I guess! Anyways back to the point a healthier me does not just mean exercising more and eliminating bad foods it means getting rid of the negative energy that may be near me. This could mean the people I talk to or whatever. So down below are a few things I am changing.

1. I am going to eat healthier: This is a goal that I want to change and it doesn't have to be major, the small changes count too.
2. Exercise more: Exercising is a good stress reliever and it helps you to stay focus. 
3. Removing myself from negative energy: We all have negativity that should be removed from our live, whether it's people or the environment.  
4. Continuing my goals and dreams: It's very important to have goals you want to accomplish, this can keep your life more organized, I know for me it does.

I am going to start posting exercises or foods I think you all might enjoy! Do you have any goals or dreams you want to accomplish?


  1. I want to be healthier this year too! Makes yourself feel so much better. I love your blog, now following :)
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  4. These are four excellent tips. I think that I will do the same too!xo
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