A Healthier Me: Ways I've improved my eating habits

Thursday, May 23, 2013
On my journey to become a healthier me I have improved the ingredients I cook with. These are ways that have helped me. This is my opinion only and this is how I feel. If you want to check out my post on a healthier me, click the link here A Healthier Me  . Improving your eating habits or the amount you eat, can make a big difference. For me it did not happen all at once, it took me sometime to realize that the things I enjoyed were not so good for me. I use to love junk food and that was my problem, not a serious one though. I have not completely cut it though. For example, I don't really like chips anymore (I haven't ate them in a while) cookies not so much either.
1. I use Unbleached flour instead of Bleached flour- Everytime I bake I use Unbleached flour, I use to Bleached because I didn't think their was a difference. But one day I decided to make to make pizza dough and the ingredients called for bread flour or unbleached would do. So I researched the difference between the unbleached and bleached and I came to find that bleached is not so healthy. This is how I feel for myself. Bleached flour has all of these chemicals to keep it's white color, whereas Unbleached isn't as white and does not have all of those chemicals.

2. I use Unsalted butter instead of Salted butter- I think my choice is self-explanatory. Unsalted is something you can use very often in cooking and baking. In baking I am already putting salt in the recipe why would I want to use a whole stick or half a stick of salted butter. Salted butter has a lot of sodium and it is very over powering, especially the taste.

3. Olive Oil instead of Vegetable Oil- Olive oil is less fat than regular oil. The times I will use oil is when I am substituting it for butter.

As for food I eat baked chicken and fries instead of frying them. I love fruit, I have always loved it; so instead of eating junk food I eat more. I snack less and some of the times I bake desserts instead of store brought. Those are only a few things I have changed. I've been doing this for a while now about 2yrs. I feel a lot better. I also drink a lot of water now.

Hope you enjoyed reading and remember Drink water; it's so refreshing and it cleanses your body of toxins!!

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