My dream of being a Fashion Designer

Monday, May 20, 2013

I am currently a Psychology major and you are probably wondering what does this have to do with fashion, but you will find out soon! I am fascinated with the field of Psychology and if fashion didn't workout for me, I needed a back up plan. I have a "Passion for Fashion" and this is what I was made to do, I just know it. Becoming a fashion designer has always been a dream of mine, since I was about 9 years old. I know what you're probably thinking and yes I was actually 9. One day I was watching an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and during the show these beautiful models came out wearing these gorgeous designer dresses.

I remember thinking to myself these are amazing and that same day I started sketching dresses! At first I would try to imitate the dresses I saw on the television, but as I got older I started sketching clothes from my own ideas. I am pretty good at sketching wedding dresses and that is my passion and that is my focus. Fashion designer Vera Wang is my inspiration and has inspired me to start making my own. I have no idea how to sew, but I can sketch one heck of a dress... not to brag because my drawings are a little rusty. I am no expert, but I am self taught. Over the years I have learned that it is not all about a pretty or gorgeous dress; it's about the structure, material, and dedication that goes into making a beautiful dresses. These pictures below are a few years old. Recently I have started back sketching, the only difference is that I have the knowledge of structure, than I did before! Even though I am not focused on this right now, this is my first passion and dream and before you know it, it will be my reality!

I hope you enjoyed about one of biggest dream of being a fashion designer! What are your dreams?


  1. so cool you have such a passion in life, and enjoy. Hope you find the steps to pursue it and it becomes a reality. Goooo!!

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