The Autumn Tag

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hey again! I was tagged by my friends over at and to do this Autumn tag. I wasn't always a fall person when I was younger, because school was starting, but I love it now!

Favorite thing about it?
I love fall because of the warm colors, baking desserts, clothes, and those cozy cool nights!

Favorite drink?
My favorite for the fall is Hot Chocolate! I think it goes perfect with fall and the cool weather. I do not drink this everday, I usually drink water.

Favorite scent/candle?
I love any candle that has a vanilla or cinnamon scent!

Best lipstick?
I do not wear lipstick. There are a lot of pretty colors out there, but I just would not look right.

Go to moisturizer?
Unfortunately I do not have one right now. But I am sure that the Aveeno line of moisturizers are really good. I have their lotions.

Go to colors for the eyes?
Any palette that consists of neutral color tones. The colors go with fall and I like to play it safe.

Favorite music or band/singer to listen to?
I love all genres of music. I can't really pick and choose, because I like different songs from each.

Favorite outfit to wear (i.e. boots and scarf combo)?
Sweater, Jeans, and long boots. Does that make any sense?

Autumn treat?
I love sweaters and boots, so those would be the two things I go out and buy first!

Favorite place to be?
My favorite place to be is at home under the covers. While doing that watching horror and holiday films! I love other genres, but these fit with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this tag!

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This or That Tag?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hey friends! I was tagged by my pal over at to do the This or That Tag. I really enjoy reading these kind of post, so I am really glad to be doing my own.


1. Blush or Bronzer- Bronzer
2. Lip Gloss or Lip Stick- Lip Gloss
3. Eyeliner or Mascara- Eyeliner is my absolute favorite. I have so many colors!
4. Foundation or Concealer- Neither, but if I had to choose concealer
5. Natural or Colored Eye Shadow- Natural
6. Pressed or Loose Eye Shadow- Pressed
7. Brush or Sponge- Brush


1. Opi or China Glaze- China Glaze
2. Long or Short- Short
3. Acrylic or Natural- Natural for the moment, but once in awhile I want Acrylic
4. Bright or Dark- Dark like purples. Sometimes I go for light, it all depends on my mood!
5. Flower or No Flower- No flowers


1. Perfume or Body Splash- Perfume
2. Lotion or Body Butter- Lotion
3. Body Wash or Soap- Soap
4. Lush or other- I don't know!


1. Jeans or Sweat Pants - Jeans
2. Long sleeves or short sleeve? Long Sleeves
3. Dress or Skirt? Skirt
4. Scarves or Hat- Hat
5. Studs or dangling earrings- My earlobes have dangling earrings and my cartilidge have stud.
6. Necklace or bracelet- Can't decide, I wear both.
7. Heels or flats- Flats for the moment, it may change though
8. Cowboy boots or riding boots - Neither of them
9. Jackets or hoodies - Jackets, wait does sweaters count?
10. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe- Neither of them


1. Curly or Straight- Curly
2. Bun or Ponytail -Bun
3. Bobby pin or butterfly clips - Bobby pins
4. Hairspray or gel -Gel
5. Long or short- I am in the process of growing my hair back out, so long!
6. Dark or light- Dark
7. Side swept bangs or fully bangs - Side swept bangs
8. Up or down- Down


1. Rain or shine- Shine
2. Summer or winter- Summer
3. Fall or spring- Fall! I love the beautiful colors and the holidays!
4. Chocolate or Vanilla- Chocolate!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this!

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Via Natural Ultra Care Jojoba Oil

Friday, September 6, 2013
  • Imparts strengths to hair to combat breakage of the hair as well as shedding.
  • Concentrated Natural Oils
  • No mineral oil

-Helps Strengthen weak hair by:
  • Penetrating Nutrients and Vitamins into the hair and scalp
  • Infusing inner strength to each hair strand.
  • Distributing reparative proteins to weak parts of the hair.
-Improves overall health of weak and breaking of the hair

-Excellent for all textures and styles of hair including:
  • Natural styles, braids, extensions, and chemically- treated or color-treated hair.
I cannot wait to try this product. I am growing my hair and I've heard this product works really well. So I'll keep you updated and hopefully I will like it.

Finding Myself!

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Self discovery is an experience that everyone should go through. Along the way you may stumble across a lot of obstacles, but having a positive outlook on life is a beautiful thing. I mean I am only 21, almost 22 years old; but I'm starting to realize that I am stronger than I thought was. As soon as I graduated high school 3 years ago, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. I had my life all figured out, so I thought. I knew what my life was going to be like during college and afterwards, oh I was so wrong. I had come to the realization that everything does not happen as planned. No matter how much you map out a plan, it will not necessarily go that way. If life was structured like that how would we learn anything, right? If you're anything like me, you like starting new things, but finishing them is obstacle. It's like I can start a million projects at once, but when things get tough I just want to quit. I want to change this about myself, that is why I started this blog. So I can finally start something, continue it, and when the time is right I'll finish.

Right now this is where I am at in my life. This post is not finished, because my journey of finding me is not finished.