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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I have been tagged by my friend Amber from Always Blabbing to do the Beauty things I suck at tag! You should really checkout her blog and follow if you have not already. I like this tag and there are a lot of things, but I do not want to bore you with all of them. I will only share the "good" ones.

1. Styling my hair: My hair is complicated. Whenever I am styling my hair to go out, my hair most of the time gives me problems. But when I am at home and I style my hair (without trying; if that makes any sense) it comes out almost perfect. When I straighten my hair it looks really nice. But as soon as I step in the hot weather, the humidity hits my hair and it gets frizzy.

2. Shaping my eyebrows: Making that perfect arch... Forget about it. I do not even have a routine; it's like this, triming them is the easy part. When trying to shape them I get really nervous. I mean who wants to go out the house with their brows two different shapes.

3. Winged eyeliner: The only wing I can make is with a pencil on paper! Seriously this is one of the hardest things to do. First off you are working with your eyelid; which is hard enough to do, because you're not putting it on your whole lid, just a small portion. Then you have to keep your hand steady so you won't mess up. As for making the wing part, it has to look right or I will look crazy.

4. Putting nail polish on my right hand: I am sure every girl has this problem. Whenever I polish my left it always comes out right. Then when it is time to put polish on my right hand, it's almost a nightmare. My left hand starts shaking because I am so nervous. The polish gets on my hand, and I have to start over sometime.

I tag anyone who does this tag! If you do decide to do this tag let me know in the comments!

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