Olive Oil Moisturizing Shine Serum

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My hair is going through a phase and it's not good. Specifically a dry one which is very terrible. I am sure you all know what happens to dry hair; it's more vulnerable to breakage. Some girls produce a lot of oils in their hair so they wash their hair everyday. Me, no I wash my hair every 4 to 5 days a week. But at the same time my hair does not produce oils regularly. Because of this I need to keep my hair moisturized.

So trying to find moisturizing products are a little hard. Mainly because a lot of moisurizers are very stinky and greasy and that's really gross. This Olive Oil Moisturizing Shine Serum works really good with keeping your hair hydrated and well nourished! I am not the only one who uses this moisturizer in my house.

This moisturizer:

-Repairs dry, damaged hair.
-Moisturizes, nourishes, hydrates, and shines.
-Is Olive and Vitamin E enriched.
-Is Alcohol Free
-This works on any hair type.
-Dry and frizzy hair that is chemically damaged will be moisturized and hydrated.
-Makes hair shiny.

I love this product it works really well. Like I said before, I'm not the only one who uses it in my household!


  1. Sounds great - my hair needs all the help it can get!

    Charlotte - www.blotandreapply.com xx