Vaseline: total moisture

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
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When the weather starts to get cold, my skin tends to get dry. I do not like the feeling of dry skin. It is not super dry (if that makes any sense), but it is really uncomfortable. So when I went to Walmart about a month ago I found the lotion of my dreams! 
This is a clean feeling lotion for healthy soft skin. It includes pure oat extract + stratys 3 (multi-layer moisture)This lotion leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.
The Vaseline total moisture comes in 3 different kinds, based on your skin care needs. The aloe fresh is a light feeling lotion for healthy fresh skin. This comes in a green bottle. The other one is cocoa radiant which is a rich feeling lotion for healthy glowing skin. This comes in a brown bottle. I have the one pictured above; it's the one that I saw first. But I will definitely have to try the others. 
The best part about this lotion is that it quickly absorbs without leaving the skin feeling greasy. This is one of the reasons I like this lotion. So many other lotions left my skin feeling sticky; that might be worst than dry skin. This lotion is great for my skin. I believe this lotion will help anyone who is experiencing any dry skin during the winter. You do not have to choose this one, if it does not fit your skin needs. You can always choose one of the other choices: Aloe fresh and Cocoa radiant. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! Have you tried the Vaseline Total Moisture before?