What is Beauty?

Sunday, November 3, 2013
My definition of Beauty: Beauty comes from within. It does not matter what you look like, everyone is beautiful. No one should be ashamed of how they look. We are all created to look different and unique; that is why we are special. The reason I am doing this post, is to show how beauty is never about what's on the inside; its always about the outside. People believe you have to look a certain way in order to fit society's criteria of what "beauty" really is. Sometimes people are afraid they will not be accepted by society. It is really sad that society has always been this way but, apparently it will never change. In my opinion society's perception of beauty is based on appearance. You have to look a certain way to fit the image. Pictured below are 3 movie examples of how people are judged by their appearance and not their personality. I have actually watched these movies, I either have them in tape or DVD form. These movies are 3 of my favorites , but their also perfect for this topic.
She's All That

In the movie She's all that, the character Laney Boggs is a normal person who loves art. But according to almost everyone she is a geeky and unpopular girl. She is rarely noticed and when she is, she gets picked on because of the way she looks. Once she transforms her appearance with the help of Zachary's sister everyone starts to either give her attention or they become jealous of her. She was a nice person, so why wasn't that enough? 

    Beauty and the Beast
When I was little I did not understand the beginning of this movie; In reality what kid did.
So as an adult I watch it again and realized, the message was "never judge a book by its cover". In the beginning a woman knocks on the prince's door asking for help. He refused because she looked "ugly". But it was a disguise she was , it was a test and he failed. As punishment she put a spell on him that made him look "ugly".  She said that if someone did not fall in love with him for what's inside and not his looks, the curse would remain forever. 

Princess Diaries
Mia was an ordinary girl who got picked on, because of the way she looked. Her grandma on her dad's side comes in her life and tell her that she (Mia) is royal. Long story short, she gets a makeover and her best friend thinks she is changing the way she looks just to be popular. People started treating her different, especially Josh (the guy she had a crush on). 

Sometimes people change their appearance for themselves and that is fine. That is not my point. My point is that people are judged because of their looks. Sometimes that influences people to change their look, so they can fit in. Another point of mine is to let people know that their beautiful just the way they are. This is only my opinion because of what I have seen.

I hope you reading this and hopefully this means something to you! What do you think?

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