Blogging goals for May!

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Make more blogging friends
*All of the blogging friends I have made are really nice. They all have wonderful blogs. It's nice to see everyone is different about the way they blog. You can really see their personalities shine through their blogging style, it's awesome! Hopefully I make more blogger friends!
Put up posts everyday
*Since blogging I have never put up a post everyday. It's really hard to put up posts, everyday. At least it's hard for me. I want everything I write to make sense to me, before I publish it. Does that make any sense?
Be more organized
*I will admit that I am very unorganized, please do not judge me! But I have realized that it's not working for me anymore.So I have started writing post ideas to help me be more organized. Not being organized has caused me to have writers block. I have been in a rut because of it. Everything I have tried to write did not make any sense to me, so I would delete the post instead of publishing it.

Be more creative
*I can be more creative, but not being organized has made it seem otherwise. Whenever I put up a post I try to be different. Actually I am different, I try to have my own style. I do want people to read
my posts and say they've seen this kind of posts before.

Write what I am feeling
*Writing a post about how I feel, may be a good post. Someone may be feeling the same way as me and besides blogging is like an open diary.

Do you have any blogging goals?


  1. Nice post :) I agree, the blogging community is full of lovely people - its so nice to be a part of it!! I completely agree that it is really hard to post everyday, put I think a few posts a week is fine, quality over quantity :) x

  2. Good luck with your goals for May hun!!
    And I agree with Charlotte - don't worry too much about posting daily, quality over quantity definitely!! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I worry, but I will try not to! You also have a lovely blog!

  3. I pretty much have the same goals as you :) Defenitly agree with the other girls though, don't stress yourself by trying to post everyday, blogging is meant to be fun not a chore! :) Good Luck! x

    1. Thank you! You're right it's meant to be fun:)

  4. Great Goals Sweetie
    I have a few that are the same
    Like More Blogger Friends
    and Be More Creative With My Post
    But That Doent Come Easy For Me LOL
    Love this Post
    Lots Of Hugs

  5. Great goals! I'd love to make some blogging friends, as everyone is so lovely, it's such a great community. Good luck with getting more organised and posting every day! I couldn't do it, just too busy and not organised enough :D

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine