Part 1: My High School Experience

Friday, May 16, 2014

I did not like high school. I could not take it anymore and I was counting the days till I graduated. But now I miss high school, only because I really didn't have to worry about anything. But then I remembered why I didn't like high school to begin with. The mean girls, guys who acted like jerks, and I how felt began to show on my face. A lot people have great memories of their high school years, but me that's a different story. I have good memories, not a lot only a few. I felt like I didn't belong. I dreaded going to school and I wanted to be someone else. I blamed TV for my high expectations of high school.
It seemed glamorized on television and I could not wait to be in high school. But then I quickly realized that my high school experience was not going to be all about: sunshine, flowers, and unicorns. I had some friends who I talked to throughout my fours and some of them I knew since elementary, but for some reason I still felt alone. I did not go through peer pressure and did not care to be popular. I was the kind of person who talked to everyone and wanted to have a peaceful day in school. I am not bashing high school, because I did have good memories; not as much as I would've like to have but at least I have some right? I do miss the people I was cool with in school though. I could talk about high school some more, but that's just a snippet of my experience.

What was your experience like or what are you dealing with now?


  1. High School Sucked For Me I hated it
    and i am So Glad that I am Out LOL
    Great Post Sweetie glad you had some good Memories

    1. I'm glad I am out too! Thank you, I guess some is better then none. But other than that it kind of sucked for me too.