Olive Oil: Hair Straightener!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When it comes to blow drying my hair it's very important. The reason is because my hair will not straighten correctly, when using a straightener or curling iron. So finding a good product for the blow drying part is crucial. One of my other favorites to use was the Garnier Fructis blow dry straightener cream. It was the best, but it has not been in stores for a while.
Not only is the Olive Oil good for hair straightening, but it's also goodfor helping stop hair breakage! 
This also includes Shea butter and uv protection. The Shea butter is in all of the hair products I currently use. This is great for helping your hair look and feel soft, 
This Olive Oil repairs dull dry and damaged hair. This also adds moisture  to your hair, it can be used on any type of hair including permed, relaxed, processed, and spritzed hair. 

Tresemme Heat Protector Spray!

I previously wrote about this product a little over a year in a hair favorites post. So this is going to be a short post, I thought I would update you all on if this is still a good product.

So when I first started watching YouTube  beauty videos almost 5 years ago, one of the first products I got was this heat protector spray. Before I started using this spray I would use oil, which would leave my hair to greasy. It looked like I was trying to fry my hair! I had no idea what a heat protector for the hair was. I do not believe I had heard of it before. Sadly to say, but it is true. 

So anyway, about this product:
- It's perfect for blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons.
- vitamin- enriched
- minimizes heat damaged

Use on damped hair when blow drying and on dry hair when straightening!
This product works and I recommend it to anyone. I am not the only one in my house who uses this heat protector spray!

Turbo Twist Hair Towel!

Usually, after washing my hair I use a regular towel or a cotton shirt. When I finish drying my hair, the towel or the shirt is soaking wet. Worst of all is water is still dripping down my face. When I watched SunkissAlba's YouTube video she was using a microfiber hair towel. To sum it up she, basically said that this towel dried her hair really well and it was good for your hair. So I thought to myself I need to get this towel. But then I never got it and I forgot all about it, until I saw it in Walmart. I was not looking for, because I did not remember it just stumbled upon my eyes.

So I got it in pink. I decided to right this post, because I got another one last weekend in the color purple! So moving on this is " The Original Turbie Twist Super- Absorbent Hair Towel". This towel really works I was actually surprised. Sometimes what works for some else, does not work for you. It's very absorbent, my hair is almost 100% dry everytime.

The great thing about this hair towel is that it's very light in weight and it is "one size fits all". Another great thing about this is all you have to do is put on your head, twist it and put it in the loop hole. I think this is awesome! It's about $5 when you round the price, I do not think this is a bad deal! I recommend this to anyone! It works really and the leftover water is not there, because the towel absorbs more than half of it! It's great to use for both adults and kids, and its even" machine washable". 

I think this is a great buy, you won't regret it!

My Goals for June!

Sunday, June 8, 2014
This is just a short post of goals I want to complete for the month of June. Last month I posted goals for May. Lets just say that did not work out as planned. So hopefully I can complete June's goals!

~ Complete my 30 day push up challenge.
~ Blog more than I did the previous month.
~ Become a better blogger.
~ Start creating recipe posts.
~ Meet more bloggers (beauty, lifestyle, fashion).
~ Create a new chat for Twitter
~ Even though I am not professional, I would like to practice my photography skills, with my new camera!
Do you have any goals for this month?