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Saturday, September 27, 2014


About two weeks ago, I talked about a new twitter chat called #gabbinggals. To quickly summarize this chat, we will talk about girl related things like: relationships, married and/or single life, issues we all deal, and more. This is positive friendly environment, we do not judge anybody here. We're just here to have girl talk.

So anyway back to the real reason I am writing this blog post, is to talk about the twitter page we just created to go with this chat. At first we decided that we were not going to make a twitter page. Then with some thought we figured it will help us connect with you all easier. That way if you wanted to: talk, ask a question, give a topic suggestion you could by using the twitter handle @gabbinggals.

As a reminder this chat will be every Friday at 3pm eastern (US time). But you can talk to us anytime you want to. The link is So make sure you give us a follow.

Twitter Chat

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
A couple of months ago, for one of my monthly goals I wanted to create a twitter chat. Twitter chats are fun and you get to talk to new people all the time. But to me I have not seen any chats dealing with everyday life topics, like: relationships, married life, single life, girl/women problems, and etc. I decided to ask a couple ladies @TheMakeupCutie and @MissSophiaBlog on twitter that I talk to, if they would be interested in creating the chat with me and I am so excited that they both said yes. I feel like we are different women, different ages, and we have probably dealt with the same issues as well as different issues. We thought this would be a fun way to get to know other people and talk about things we like to do and things that bother us.

This Chat will be a Positive friendly environment! Bashing anyone for their issues, problems, likes, and dislikes will not be tolerated. We want people to feel comfortable during this chat. We want people to have fun and we also want them to enjoy this chat.

Our first chat starts this Friday at 3pm for an hour. Actually this chat will be every Friday at this time. Our twitter chat is #gabbinggals. You can use this hashtag to talk about our chat, and if you want you can also leave a comment using the hashtag about a topic you will like to talk about! This is like a twitter slumber party. This will be so much fun!

Our Twitter Information!
My Twitter: @JerseyGirl1216
Leigh-Ann's Twitter: @TheMakeupCutie
Youtube Channel:  
MissSophiaBlog's Twitter: @MissSophiaBlog