My first ever brushes!

Monday, November 3, 2014
Two years ago on my 21st birthday I went to Ulta and brought my first brushes. I was so excited! Even though I wasn't a makeup artist I felt very professional. I am sure all of you know about the eye shadow applicators that come with makeup. There is nothing wrong with anyone using them, but for me every time I used one it would either break or irritate my eye.

I wrote about these brushes briefly in my birthday haul. But I decided to talk about these a little bit more. Included in this 5 piece Bamboo brush set is: Lash and Brow groomer, Eyeliner brush, Eye shading brush, Concealer brush, Blush brush, and a bag for the brushes to go in. Because the concealer brush is very similar to the eye shading brush, I would use it as another eye shadow brush. Sometimes I would even use it as a blending brush. The best part about this set is the fact that the bristles of the brushes is cruelty free. These are also eco- friendly! I think this set is great for beginners. This includes the basic materials needed and it is not overwhelming. I know for me I would have been overwhelmed. I would not have known what to do with special brushes like: foundation, tapered brush, and contour brushes.

I do recommend this brushes to beginners or anyone who wants a simple look with only a few materials. I've looked for these brushes online, just in case you want to look or even purchase them. These brushes are either the exact same or similar to them. So here are a few links down below:


I hope you enjoyed reading! Do you remember your first brushes?


  1. They look nice!

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  2. I have them too and they are soo fantastic! Great post ^^

    Z ♥