5 Blogging Tips!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
I have 5 important tips to share with you about blogging. I have read a lot of posts talking about blogging tips, don't get me wrong they are very helpful. I am so grateful that bloggers are nice enough to do these kinds of post. But sometimes I felt like it didn't work for me. You know the saying, "What may work for you may not for me"? Then I realized that everyone is different.

1. Be you
- Don't be someone else just to fit in! You're perfect just the way you are.

2. Be different
- Being different is good. If everyone was the same that would be very boring. Everyone stands out, because their different and unique. That's why I love reading blogs and seeing the bloggers design it shows who you are or what you like!

3. Stay positive
- Things don't happen overnight. I learned that the hard way. Things will happen for you just be patient and keep working hard."Hard work pays off". Just believe in yourself and don't ever doubt your ability to be great!

4. Do what's right for you
- Make your decisions yourself. Like myself I love advice and suggestions. But I don't want someone trying to control my blog, because they may not like how it looks. You know the direction you want your blog to go, do what's best for you!

5. Have fun
- In my opinion, whether blogging is your hobby or something you take seriously it can be an adventure! You as well as your blog go through lots of changes. So it's an adventure that your readers and yourself can experience it together! Remember this is your blog have fun and enjoy it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading! What tips do you have?


  1. I love your new layout!
    I agree with your tips- blogging can get boring very quickly if you dont stick to who you are and write about the things that interest you.


  2. These are very great tips!! :)

    Amanda Mae