Blog Changes!

Sunday, January 25, 2015
Over the past few weeks I've been making changes to my blog! Like the design of my blog, I decided that I wanted my blog to change. Before I did not know anything about revamping my blog. I did not understand coding or html and I had no idea what design I wanted. I loved my previous design, but I decided that I wanted a new look. I am surprised I could do this, because I really didn't have a lot of experience. I love this design so much! I think it's here to stay! The second thing is my blog name/ title. Life of a Jerseygirl is something I will cherish forever, but I needed something new. When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing, I guess that's why I am in this situation! As I am 2 years older, for me Life of a Jerseygirl means that I am sharing my life as a Jerseygirl. There are a lot of Jersey girls out there and I feel now I would not stand out. Plus I feel like the Life of a Jerseygirl sounds like I am showing what life is like as a Jerseygirl. I am still a Jerseygirl, but I want to share the things that I love as me, Ashley! I know a few bloggers with the name Ashley, that is why I am using my middle as well. With that being said, my new blog name/title is Ashley Olivia! Like I said I'm still a Jerseygirl and that hasn't changed, just my blog title! I wanted to also change my url, but I have not decided that yet. But I don't think I will. Sorry for dragging this post out. I just thought I would share with you!


  1. The new layout is gorgeous and I liked the new name too. I think you should change the url, will be more you -Ana

    1. Thank you! I want to change the url too, but it's means a lot to me, because it's my YouTube name. So I am still trying to work on that!

  2. Love it too! Its very classy

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