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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Having a bad hair day is one of the worst nightmares for a girl. For me my hair gets frizzy as soon as the humidity hits it. As girls we take time doing our hair. Whether it's straightening, blow drying, or curling our hair it's a little time consuming. So if you're experiencing a bad hair day or feel like you may have one, make sure you have a back up plan for your hair. If you are like me, having a bad hair is pretty normal. So I decided to share with you some hair necessities you should have on hand. These hair accessories are easy to carry around in your bag/purse. 
1. Bobby pins
2. Wide tooth comb
3. Small comb
4. Crunchy
5. Hair clips
6. Donut bun
  • You don't necessarily need the hair clips, if you have bobby pins. But if you want to be a little fancy and dress up your hair, the clips are perfect for that. You can create a half up do with either the clips or the pins.
  • The two combs I use for different reasons. The wide tooth I use to comb my hair regularly and the smaller comb I use to part my hair. Usually people use this comb to tease their hair for volume. I personally do not like teasing, so I use it for parting/ sectioning the hair.
  • The crunchy is every girls #1  because all you have to do is throw your hair up in a pony or messy bun! But depending on your job, you may feel the messy is not appropriate. That's where the donut bun comes in to play. It's perfect for a classy clean look.
I hope you enjoyed reading! What are your go to hair accessories, maybe they might help me?

MyTop 3 Favorite Youtube Hair Channels!

Monday, February 16, 2015

I am not that creative when it comes to hair. It's either up in a bun/ponytail or it's down. So most of the time I spend watching YouTube, it's dedicated to a lot of hair tutorials. A few weeks ago during a bloggers chat someone wanted to know what were some good hair tutorials/ channels. So with that being said I thought I would share my top 3 hair channels. These channels are so versatile and combined they have over 700 videos. With these tutorials your hair will never feel dull again! In my opinion any women could wear these hairstyles. These hairstyles are perfect for teenagers, adults, and kids.

I've been watching Luxy Hair since 2010 and this channel is really cool. There are hairstyles for special occasions like Valentine's Day and New Years Eve. If you're going for a classy look or edgy look, this channel is for you. This channel has almost every hairstyle you can imagine. So don't waste anytime. Check it out now!

If you're a mom trying to figure out a new hairstyle for your daughter, Cute girl Hairstyles is just for you. It's easy to get bored of the same old ponytails and pigtails for your kids, but with this channel you'll never get bored. To be honest I think moms could pull off these hairstyles too. Even teenagers and young adults. That's the great thing about this channel! So don't forget to check it out!

Like the other two channels, this one has so many hairstyles to try. Whether you want a clean sleek look or a messy effortless look, this channel has it all. Be sure to check this channel out.

Don't forget to check out these channels. What are your favorite hair channels or tutorials?

Resources for Bloggers!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Over the past couple of years I constantly read blog posts on how to improve your blog and how to design your blog yourself. I go on websites for people like me who want a blog design. So I have found a few sites that have helped me and I know they will help you too! These sites are really great to go to, when you have no idea what you want to do with your blog. I use picmonkey to edit my photos. I also use this to create my header and blog button. It's free, which is the best part. If you want to sign up for extra stuff that's fine too. But in my opinion you do not have to. They have so many options in text style, colors, images. Photoshop is expensive, so picmonkey is my #1 source.

If you want to try design your own blog, but you do know the specific codes like CSS or HTML the sites below will help you out so much. If you want someone else to design your blog then go to the other sites, specifically for wanting a blog design! Then I have a section for blog posts tips if you want to make small changes to your blog! So be sure to check these sites out, if you looking to change your blog up.

Create your own Header/ Button 

Design your own blog/tips

Want a blog design

Blog posts tips

I hope you will find these helpful! Let me know if you do. I hope you all have a great day!

Songs that Inspire Me!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Everyone has their down day, I know I do. You feel sad and defeated and it's not a good feeling. You feel like you've failed. I've given up a few times, but I am lucky to have a mom and a sister that encourage me to keep trying. I love music, it's apart of my life. I listen to it everyday. I don't if anyone else feels this way, but I think music speaks to you through the lyrics. You're able to identify with the words and not feel like you're alone!
Before I share these 2 with you, I will say that these songs help me feel empowered and strong. Katy Perry is one of my favorite artists. Her songs Firework and Roar are very uplifting. They will cheer you up, when you are having a bad day and make you feel good inside!

If you're having a bad day just know that "Baby you're a Firework"! If you're not feeling strong enough just "Roar" and say "I've the eye of a Tiger"! That was probably cheesy.
I hope you all have a great day! I also hope you have enjoyed this post.

Hard Candy: Metal Eyes Eyeliner Collection

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I've done about three eyeliner posts and my love for eyeliner still remains! If you read my blog, then
you will know that I have an obsession with eyeliner. It's my go to and it always gives me the pop of color I need for my eyes to stand out. For me eyeliner is one of the best makeup product ever! If you want that simple look that makes a big impression, then eyeliner is your friend. This is my "Hard Candy: Metal Eyes Eyeliner Collection". I got this from Walmart and it was only $4.88, that was a sweet price! For only $4.88, these eyeliners are of great quality. Their creamy and very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. These eyeliners are so gorgeous. The camera doesn't do it any justice. Another great thing/ most important about this collection is that it's not tested on animals.
The eyeliner color was not listed on the eyeliner, but it is pretty obvious what the colors are. The only thing, I was a little unsure about was the Turquoise- Green and the Bluish- Purple. I could be wrong, but it looks that way to me. I am really excited about trying out the gold one, it seems very appropriate to wear for the holidays. I know what you're probably thinking, "The holidays aren't even close to being here". You're right, but there is Valentine's Day coming up. So you could match the gold eyeliner with a red or pink shadow. If you want to wear a simple look, try a soft/neutral eye look. Then add a colorful eyeliner for the pop.
I hope you have enjoyed reading!