Cocoa Butter: Conditioning Body Lotion

Monday, March 23, 2015

 If you have soft and smooth skin that's great. But most people like myself experience dull, dry, and rough skin. For me I experience dry skin, so it is important that I have a good product that keeps my skin moisturized. In a recent post I talked about Vaseline: total moisture lotion as one of my favorites. If you want to know about it click here: My favorites of the moment. But here is another lotion that's just as good. After reading this some might think this is even better. For the most both lotions do the same thing.
The cocoa butter body lotion helps give the skin a natural glow eliminating the dry/ rough skin we have during the winter or for some all year long. The rich cocoa butter evens out the skin tone. One of the best things about this body lotion is that, it moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Most importantly this lotion gives you the essential moisture your skin needs to feel healthy. In my opinion some people spend a lot on lotions and other skin products and that is fine. It's important to invest in good quality products and some of them are expensive. I do recommend this to anyone, but if you are on a budget this is the perfect product for you. You can find this lotion at Walmart or you can check this product or similar lotions out on the websites listed below!
                                                      I hope you enjoyed reading!



Magazine Finds: Biore Pore Nose Strips

Friday, March 20, 2015
I love magazines, it's one of my guilty pleasures. Not only do I like reading the latest gossip, but I also like finding the latest beauty trends. While flipping through the pages I found a page that didn't look like the regular pages. So when I opened it, I saw the advertisement for the Biore Pore Nose Strips. The coolest thing about it was that there was a sample to try. I was so excited to see that Actress Brittany Snow is the spokesperson for this. Maybe that's why I was a little persuaded to try it out. Keep reading to see what I think about.  
 The Biore Pore Strip is a deep cleanser that unclogs pores and draws out excess oil for the deepest cleaning. This is an oil-absorbing charcoal strip, that cleans all of the dirt that is on your nose. I am so glad I found this, I tried it and I love it! I should have taken a picture of the strip before I used it but, I was excited and forgot. I used the nose strip after I washed my face. Then I left my nose wet because, it helps the strip stay on. I had to leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. It did not feel weird nor was it sticky. When it's completely dried after 15 minutes, you can take it off. I was really impressed that it worked. I knew I had oily skin but I was surprised at what was left on the strip. I definitely recommend this to you and I will be purchasing this for myself! I have not gone to a store to find this product but, I looked online and found some sites for you all to checkout!  
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you used these biore strips before!

Be Happy!

I know it's cliché but we all should be happy. We all have our ups and downs, but if we try to be happy and think positive it will get better. Sometimes I complain about things that I want but don't have, we all do it's normal. Then I stop and think about all of the people that do not have anything. If their still thinking positive and having hope, then we can remember that having all of the designer bags or following the hottest trends isn't important. If you are feeling down, surround yourself with happy people that can make you smile! Another important thing to remember, is be nice to others. You may be the reason some one else is happy and smiling. You never know what others are going through. There's a lot of negativity in this world, so we need to fill it with as much positivity as we can.

If you're not in a happy mood, try finding activities that can cheer you up. For example, you can go walking or hiking. These things definitely help clear your mind and will make you motivated again. Also painting whether it's your hobby or you can go to a class. Plan a day with your friends to go shopping or night out on the town. Even better a slumber with your favorite movies and snacks! I can't stress enough how much you should surround yourself with people who are in your corner and cheering you on!

I hope reading this inspires you to stay away from the negative vibes and negative energy!




L'OREAL: EverPure Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The L'Oreal Shampoo and Conditioner was the first sulfate - free I ever tried. Because I have a set hair routine now, I discontinued my use. But that does not mean that this was a bad product, I really liked using this. I thought I would share it with you because, it also protects the color of your hair. I think this is perfect. A lot of shampoos tend to make your hair color look faded. When getting the shampoo and conditioner, my intensions were not to protect my hair color. I was just looking for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. But people who dye their hair must try these out. Sulfate is no good for our hair. It strips our hair of its natural oils, so imagine what it could do to dyed hair.

L'Oreal Sulfate-Free Color Care System Shampoo and Conditioner:
Besides this being sulfate-free, this is 100% vegan and contains no harsh chemicals. This shampoo and conditioner protects and conditions hair for a long lasting color purity. One of the most important things about our hair is that it needs moisture. If you are like me then you have dry hair. L'Oreal's shampoo and conditioner will provide that moisture your hair needs to stay healthy. The shampoo gently cleanses and revives dry hair leaving it feeling soft and looking shiny. Most importantly, the conditioner deeply nourishes and ensures your hair is moisturized! I definitely recommend this to you. My hair was so much softer, one of the main reasons why sulfate-free products are the way to go. Both shampoo and conditioner are $6 each, which is a great price. Any drugstore has them, but I go to CVS or Walmart.
I hope you enjoyed reading! What's you favorite Shampoo and Conditioner to use?

My favorites of the moment!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ped Egg
I'm sure every woman or girl look for products to get smooth nice looking feet. We all know those products can be expensive, but don't worry I have you covered. The ped egg is a miracle for all feet! It's great for making your feet smooth and soft. This is my favorite because it works really good. I've been using this for a few years now and I definitely recommend it. You should definitely check it out and maybe add this product to your foot care routine! I got mine from CVS for $9.99. You can go to CVS or you can check these websites out for the product: Amazon and Walmart.

Vaseline: Total Moisture
The Vaseline total moisture lotion leaves your skin feeling soft and looking healthy. It includes pure oat extract + stratys 3 (multi-layer moisture). The great part about this lotion, is that it quickly absorbs in your skin without leaving your skin feeling greasy.
This is the main reason why I like this lotion. Sometimes lotions leave my skin feeling sticky; that really gross. This lotion is great for my skin. This lotion will help anyone who is experiencing any dry skin. I do recommend this product. It can be found at any drugstore, I got it from Walmart. If you want to know more click this link: Vaseline: Total Moisture.
NYC Grand Central Station Polish
This is a clear polish/ top coat. The great about this polish is that it quickly dries. I mean who has time to wait 20 minutes for their nails to dry. It only takes about 5 to 6 minutes to dry, that's great. If you're going to a party and you're in a rush, get yourself together and in the end quickly paint your nails. Another idea would be if you're not the one who's driving, you can do your nails in the car! I definitely recommend this polish, it was about $1.99! It can also be found at any drugstore, I go to Walmart or CVS!

                                                           I hope you enjoyed reading!

Home remedies that work!

Monday, March 16, 2015
For the past few weeks I have not been feeling well. I am so grateful that I'm starting to feel a lot better. Sometimes natural methods help you feel better more, especially when the medicine does not work. So I thought I would share with you all some of the home remedies that have helped me feel better. Trust me, in my opinion these work great. Some of these, I've been using for a long time. Others I have just discovered and will continue to use from now on. So keep reading for more info! 
  • Salt water (You can use salt water to gargle with)
             - This will help your sore throat.
             - This will help heal swelling of the gums.

My gums were swollen because I had a toothache. That's not all. I had a toothache because, the time of the month was happening for me. Girls I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from. Guys either your girlfriend, mom, or sister goes through these situations. Anyway one side of my jaw was swollen because of my gums, so the salt water helped soothe it. It also helps if you may have a little infection. We all know that a sore throat is horrible, so that's why we gargle with salt water. This helps thin out the mucus build up. As soon as the swelling went down and my toothache stopped I received a sore throat, so salt water really helped me. They say use a tsp. of salt and a cup of water, but I really do not follow that rule. To be honest, when I'm not feeling well I do not really think about measurements. Make sure you make the water warm. That's the whole point.
  • Warm/ Cold compress
          - Help relieve pain.
          - Help swelling go down.

Warm compresses help relieve pain. I know this because, it helped me when my gums/jaw was swollen. Cold compresses help the swelling go down. So I split the time I used a warm compress and the cold one. Whenever you get a sore throat, that usually means you're coming down with a cold. With a cold comes a stuffy nose. It's hard to breathe especially at nighttime when you are trying to sleep. Putting a warm compress on your nose helps a lot. It makes it easier to breathe and it thins out the mucus as well. Making it easier to blow your nose, relieving you of all the nasty stuff that comes out of your nose. Remember to blow your nose instead of sniff it back up. It's very important because you want to get the bacteria and potential infection out. If you cough and it's wet cough it up. Again it could be an infection. I know it's disgusting but it's important to know.
  • Tea
         - Helps relieve sore throat.
Salt water, tea, and other warm liquids help when it comes to sore throats. It's also important to stay hydrated. I know when you have a sore throat it hurts to drink cold liquids. But you do not want to dehydrate yourself. So drink plenty of tea!
  • Using Lemon to lighten the elbows and under the arms
This remedy has nothing to do with not feeling well, but I thought I would share with you anyway. The acid or the bleach component in lemon helps lighten any dark areas you have on your skin. Does that make any sense? You can use it for your underarms and your elbows.
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you have tried these home remedies before!

Candle of the week: Apples & Berries!

Apples and Berries are some of my favorite fruits, so to have them all in one candle is refreshing! It smells really good and the candle captures each scent of the fruits. This candle reminds me of dessert dishes: apples and berries crisp, apples and berries pies. These fruits can be used as a topping for pancakes and waffles! You can't eat the candle, but you can definitely make these recipes. When the candle is lit, it smells even better. The whole room is scented and it is just delicious. I usually light my candles at nighttime because, it's cold at night and you snuggle under the covers with some hot chocolate. You can find this candle at Walmart. This is small, so it's about $2.00.

                                                            I hope you enjoyed reading!

So Grateful!

I am so grateful today. I am so blessed to have my family, especially my mom and sister! I know they will always be there for me and I'm so grateful to have them. People often stop being grateful for what they have, because they are worried for what they do not have. It's ok to want more, everyone wants more we're human. But we should not let that stop us from appreciating what we already have, big or small. I am so grateful for the people who take the time to read my blog. I am grateful that I made blogging friends and YouTube friends. These things may seem small, but it means a lot to me! This quote was perfect for how I am feeling today. The only thing that isn't quite right is that it should say, "Start each day with a grateful heart" and finish each day feeling blessed! Stay positive!
What are some things you're grateful for? 

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Sunday, March 15, 2015
Anytime someone thinks my blog is worth reading I feel so grateful. Thank you Ana from Oh My Louboutin for nominating me! She is so nice and you all should check out her blog and give her a follow!
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7 things about me
I'm a little indecisive
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I love hot chocolate
I love comfort foods
I'm obsessed with Netflix
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The not so organized Blogger!

Saturday, March 14, 2015
If you look at my blog you will probably think that I'm not the most ideal blogger. But that's ok, in fact you are probably right. I don't have a consistent blog schedule and most of the time, I do not plan out my posts I just write. The only thing I do is edit my pictures and my writing. I do have a notebook I use to write ideas, but that's about it. After months of trying to come up with a blog schedule I can't do it. If I do, then I will have to keep up with it. For me not having a blog schedule is the best thing. If I want to share a new product with you or share how I'm feeling, I will start writing. Most likely that post will be up the same day or the next. I'm not the most fancy blogger or the most popular, but me doing things my way sets me apart from other bloggers. This post may be a little unorganized, but I'm just saying how I feel. Do not get me wrong, if you are organized that's awesome I want to be organized. But for now I am accepting the fact that I'm in a different stage as a blogger. I am not going to use this flaw as a downfall, but as a motivation to work harder.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe I'm not the only blogger who struggles! Are you an organized blogger?

Everyone Needs Positivity In Their Life!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Staying positive definitely pays off in the end. We all have bad days, moments, times, and months but if we keep believing the good things will come soon. I've learned that things do not always happen how you want or when you want. The reason is because there's a bigger lesson to be learned in the situations we go through. Remember if you have positive people in your life, things will be much happier. Negative people and situations create stress and it's not a good feeling or position to be in. It's ok to walk away from a negative situation, don't let anyone tell you something different. I'm no expert but you don't need someone raining on your parade. I'm sorry if that sounds mean, but you want love and positivity in your life. You want people supporting your goals and accomplishments. You want people who's there for you through good times and bad.
I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe your day will be a great day. So stay positive and surround yourself with positive energy!

Evian Facial Spray Review!

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Ever feel like your face is dehydrated? Ever see your makeup fade throughout the day? If this is you, after reading this you'll never have to worry about that again. About a week ago I received the evian spray sample provided by the exclusive USA, distributor, The Wilkes Group.

The #evianspray penetrates the skin, rehydrating the dull skin we all experience. Evian facial spray will have your skin feeling refreshed and looking healthy. Due to it's pure and natural mineral water balance, you will have a healthy natural glow! Great for all skin types, this product is hypo-allergenic. This is great because it will not affect people with allergies.

There are so many ways to use this facial spray. It can be used to give your favorite shadows an intense look. Most importantly it gives the colors the perfect pop you desire. This spray is very helpful when it comes to blending and contouring. It makes it easier to apply concealer, foundation, bronzer, and other products. To use spray the beauty blender or any other tools you use to blend/contour. One of the best things about the evian spray, is that you can use it throughout the day to rehydrate the color of your makeup. If you're going to use this throughout the day, a good tip would be to lightly spray your skin in a circular motion.

I like to use the evian spray to give my eye shadows a pop of color to brighten the look. I did not realize how faded these shadows really looked until I this spray. All you have to do is spray your eye shadow brush, then dip it in the shadow you want to use. This is perfect for any shadow, but it's best with metallic shadows! I also use this to keep my face hydrated. This spray will definitely provide moisture to your skin. After I shower I spray my face all around twice, I wait until it finishes dripping, and then I pat my face to get rid of the excess that's left.

Another great thing about this spray is that the bottle comes in three sizes: for 1.7 oz./50ml it's $7.50, for 5 oz./150ml it's $12.50, and for the 10 oz./300ml it's $18.00. Instead of carrying the 10 oz. around you can throw the 1.7 oz. in you purse. My sample is the 5 oz. bottle, which is just the right size because it's not too big or too small! The prices are not bad because the sizes are pretty big. These bottles will last a long time, because you do not need to spray a lot. I do recommend trying this product.

For more information about this product and other cool facts checkout the evian facial spray Facebook page: @evianspray

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*I was compensated with this sample.

Candle of the week: Garden Rain!

Monday, March 2, 2015

I am obsessed with candles, which is why I decided to do a candle of the week series post! So for this week it's Garden Rain. This candle smells so good. It almost smells like fabric softener, which isn't a bad thing! It feels like you're in a tropical rain forest. This candle is from Main Stays. For me the brand of the candle does not matter to me. But this candle was only $2, which is a great price. Because most of my candles are from Walmart, the brand is Main Stays. There are other brands if you like variety!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Any candles you like at the moment?

My Current Favorite Nail Polish!

When it comes to nail polishes, I don't mind trying something new! Most of the time I wear dark colors and to be honest, it gets annoying sometimes. If you think about it, when you wear dark polishes it is much harder to take off. Most importantly it stains your nails as well. So since I don't want to deal with that all of the time, I decided to try a new nail polish! This is the "Prospect Park Bloom" polish by NYC. This is like a cream color. It's in between a white nail polish and a tan/beige polish! It's a quick dry polish which is good, because not everyone has the time to wait 20 to 30 minutes! In my opinion NYC nail polishes are the best. The prices range from .99 cents to $1.99, which I think is great!

 I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope you all have a wonderful day!