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Monday, March 16, 2015
For the past few weeks I have not been feeling well. I am so grateful that I'm starting to feel a lot better. Sometimes natural methods help you feel better more, especially when the medicine does not work. So I thought I would share with you all some of the home remedies that have helped me feel better. Trust me, in my opinion these work great. Some of these, I've been using for a long time. Others I have just discovered and will continue to use from now on. So keep reading for more info! 
  • Salt water (You can use salt water to gargle with)
             - This will help your sore throat.
             - This will help heal swelling of the gums.

My gums were swollen because I had a toothache. That's not all. I had a toothache because, the time of the month was happening for me. Girls I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from. Guys either your girlfriend, mom, or sister goes through these situations. Anyway one side of my jaw was swollen because of my gums, so the salt water helped soothe it. It also helps if you may have a little infection. We all know that a sore throat is horrible, so that's why we gargle with salt water. This helps thin out the mucus build up. As soon as the swelling went down and my toothache stopped I received a sore throat, so salt water really helped me. They say use a tsp. of salt and a cup of water, but I really do not follow that rule. To be honest, when I'm not feeling well I do not really think about measurements. Make sure you make the water warm. That's the whole point.
  • Warm/ Cold compress
          - Help relieve pain.
          - Help swelling go down.

Warm compresses help relieve pain. I know this because, it helped me when my gums/jaw was swollen. Cold compresses help the swelling go down. So I split the time I used a warm compress and the cold one. Whenever you get a sore throat, that usually means you're coming down with a cold. With a cold comes a stuffy nose. It's hard to breathe especially at nighttime when you are trying to sleep. Putting a warm compress on your nose helps a lot. It makes it easier to breathe and it thins out the mucus as well. Making it easier to blow your nose, relieving you of all the nasty stuff that comes out of your nose. Remember to blow your nose instead of sniff it back up. It's very important because you want to get the bacteria and potential infection out. If you cough and it's wet cough it up. Again it could be an infection. I know it's disgusting but it's important to know.
  • Tea
         - Helps relieve sore throat.
Salt water, tea, and other warm liquids help when it comes to sore throats. It's also important to stay hydrated. I know when you have a sore throat it hurts to drink cold liquids. But you do not want to dehydrate yourself. So drink plenty of tea!
  • Using Lemon to lighten the elbows and under the arms
This remedy has nothing to do with not feeling well, but I thought I would share with you anyway. The acid or the bleach component in lemon helps lighten any dark areas you have on your skin. Does that make any sense? You can use it for your underarms and your elbows.
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you have tried these home remedies before!

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