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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ped Egg
I'm sure every woman or girl look for products to get smooth nice looking feet. We all know those products can be expensive, but don't worry I have you covered. The ped egg is a miracle for all feet! It's great for making your feet smooth and soft. This is my favorite because it works really good. I've been using this for a few years now and I definitely recommend it. You should definitely check it out and maybe add this product to your foot care routine! I got mine from CVS for $9.99. You can go to CVS or you can check these websites out for the product: Amazon and Walmart.

Vaseline: Total Moisture
The Vaseline total moisture lotion leaves your skin feeling soft and looking healthy. It includes pure oat extract + stratys 3 (multi-layer moisture). The great part about this lotion, is that it quickly absorbs in your skin without leaving your skin feeling greasy.
This is the main reason why I like this lotion. Sometimes lotions leave my skin feeling sticky; that really gross. This lotion is great for my skin. This lotion will help anyone who is experiencing any dry skin. I do recommend this product. It can be found at any drugstore, I got it from Walmart. If you want to know more click this link: Vaseline: Total Moisture.
NYC Grand Central Station Polish
This is a clear polish/ top coat. The great about this polish is that it quickly dries. I mean who has time to wait 20 minutes for their nails to dry. It only takes about 5 to 6 minutes to dry, that's great. If you're going to a party and you're in a rush, get yourself together and in the end quickly paint your nails. Another idea would be if you're not the one who's driving, you can do your nails in the car! I definitely recommend this polish, it was about $1.99! It can also be found at any drugstore, I go to Walmart or CVS!

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  1. Vaseline is my fave too!

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  3. i also love using Vaseline