The not so organized Blogger!

Saturday, March 14, 2015
If you look at my blog you will probably think that I'm not the most ideal blogger. But that's ok, in fact you are probably right. I don't have a consistent blog schedule and most of the time, I do not plan out my posts I just write. The only thing I do is edit my pictures and my writing. I do have a notebook I use to write ideas, but that's about it. After months of trying to come up with a blog schedule I can't do it. If I do, then I will have to keep up with it. For me not having a blog schedule is the best thing. If I want to share a new product with you or share how I'm feeling, I will start writing. Most likely that post will be up the same day or the next. I'm not the most fancy blogger or the most popular, but me doing things my way sets me apart from other bloggers. This post may be a little unorganized, but I'm just saying how I feel. Do not get me wrong, if you are organized that's awesome I want to be organized. But for now I am accepting the fact that I'm in a different stage as a blogger. I am not going to use this flaw as a downfall, but as a motivation to work harder.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe I'm not the only blogger who struggles! Are you an organized blogger?


  1. You're so like me. Maybe that's why I love your blog so much!! Keep going <3 -Ana

  2. great!!!
    happy sunday