5 Beauty Hacks/ Tips

Thursday, April 2, 2015

As girls we take a while to get ready. Whether its for work, school or a Friday/ Saturday night, it is very time consuming. We all do not have the time, so I decided to share some beauty hacks/ tips to help you out. I have tried all of these so no need to worry, they all work. So keep reading for more!

1. Q-tips
- You can use these to clean excess makeup that it not needed. All you have to do is dip the q-tip in makeup remover and fix the mistakes. If you do not have remover dip it in Vaseline.

2. Olive Oil
- This is a great substitution to remove makeup at night time. Sometimes makeup remover can be expensive or you may just run out of it.

3. Beachy waves w/o heat
- We all know heat can be damaging if you use it over a long period of time. So this tip will definitely lessen the amount of heat. All you have to do is apply either a hair cream or oil and then braid your hair overnight. Depending on the kind of waves you desire will determine how many braids you have and how big or small they are.

4. Vaseline
- Vaseline is one of those products that can work on just about anything. One of the things I find helpful is putting Vaseline around the nails to keep the polish from sticking, during a manicure. You can also use this to tame the eyebrows. Sometimes my eyebrows are uncontrollable so just take a little Vaseline and apply it to your brows.  

5. Get clean white nails
- This is a new one I recently tried and it really does work. Take a toothbrush no one has used and apply whitening toothpaste on it. After that scrub your nails and then wash them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading. If you want more tips or you have some of your own, let me know!