Beauty Tips for Nighttime

Friday, April 10, 2015

At night we tend to forget easy but important tips, because we're so tired. I am here to remind that the small things matter too! So keep reading for these quick simple nighttime tips. 

1. Sleep on a satin pillow or wear a satin scarf or bonnet
- this will reduce breakage and keep hair healthy and strong.

2. After moisturizing your feet put socks on
- this will lock in moisture.

3. Use baby oil to remove makeup
- In previous posts I had alternatives like Olive oil and Vaseline. So baby oil is another great substitute.

4. Protect your ends (braids, bun, scarf, etc...)
- leaving your ends unprotected can create split ends and breakage.

I hope you enjoyed reading! What nighttime beauty tips do you follow?

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