Top 5 Spring Nail Polish!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

To get into the spirit of Spring here's my Top 5 polishes for Springtime!  One of my favorite brands is NYC. I am so obsessed, they have so many pretty colors. These polishes are of great quality, but also very inexpensive. They range from $1 to $2. My first is not from NYC, but it's such a pretty color! All of these polishes last a long time. Mine usually lasts for a week, which is really good for me.

Fresh Paint: Pinkapalooza
I am obsessed with this color. It's a very light pink and you only need 2 coats to apply. This color is very versatile and can be worn at anytime.

NYC: Prospect Park Bloom
This color is a really pretty color. It's creamy and it applies very well. If you want to know more checkout a previous post of mine here: My Current Favorite Nail Polish

NYC: Preppy Pink
I am not really into bright colors such as this preppy pink. But after I started wearing it for a while it grew on me. This color reminds me of a tropical island. 

NYC: Tudor City Teal
Usually I would not be into colors like these, only because it's out of my comfort zone. But after trying it out I definitely recommend it to everyone.

NYC: Lexington Lilac
This polish is like a light purple and it's really pretty. I am not into loud colors so Lexington Lilac is perfect. It's a very calm color that can be worn anytime of the year.

I hope you have enjoyed reading. What polishes are you loving for the Springtime?


  1. Great nail polish:) kiss

  2. cool colors

  3. Pretty shades!

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  4. these shades are perfect for spring, my favorite is the fresh paint polish!