Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Cream

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
The Gold Bond skin therapy cream heals and nourishes dry, problem skin. It's non- greasy and absorbs through the skin fast. Infused with Aloe, this will definitely help solve any dryness your skin is having. The product says that it is hypoallergenic, I did not have any reaction to it. To be honest, whenever I see something that says hypoallergenic I automatically assume it's ok. But as a tip apply a little to the forearm and see what happens. During the warmer days I noticed my hands get dryer, so this is the perfect product to help. In between my fingers is where I am dry the most. It's not painful, but sometimes almost unbearable to deal with. The gold bond cream definitely helps to keep my skin moisturized and it really is not greasy at all. This leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft! I do recommend this product to anyone with dry/cracked skin. I got it at Walmart for less than $2. If you have any recommendations on other skin lotions that help with dryness, let me know.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions leave a comment!


  1. Great review. I'm going to give this a try as well- hopefully it will work for my areas that have eczema.


  2. Sounds great!

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  3. Great post. Nos i follow you i hope you follow me too! Kiss

  4. Great post. Nos i follow you i hope you follow me too! Kiss