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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I love nail polish, it's like my obsession next to eyeliner of course. So a couple of weeks ago I was in Walmart and the first place I went to was the nail section. My regular nail polish choice NYC is definitely a favorite, their color are so pretty and long wearing. I decided to also try different brands, that I have never tried before. With some of these colors I went a little out of my comfort zone. So far I have tried all of the colors except for "NYC Times Square Tangerine Crème" and "Sally Hansen Mighty Mango".
1. NYC: Hamptons Peach- One of the prettiest colors and it's perfect for springtime and summer. It's like a mix between pink and orange. The best part about this polish is that it dries quickly, within 5 minutes!

2. NYC: Burnt Orange- I did not think that I would like this color, but after applying this color it started to grow on me. This color is great for the Summer!

3. NYC: Times Square Tangerine Crème- I have not tried this color yet, it's a little out of my comfort zone because it's very bright, but I can't wait to try it out.

4. Sally: Hansen Mighty Mango- This is another color I have not tried yet, but it's like a coral pink/orange color. It's really pretty and hopefully I will like it.

5. NYC: Columbus Circle Crimson- This a gorgeous red that really like wearing. A few years ago I did not care for red polishes at all. But it become a trend and I wanted to try it out and now I it's one of my favorites!

6. NYC: NY Blues- After watching Nicole Guerriero's Favorites video (either January or February) I was on the search to find the nail polish she was wearing. It was a pretty blue. While searching I stumbled upon this color. I knew it was lighter then what I wanted, but I decided to try it. It's an ok color, maybe if I keep wearing it, it will start to grow on me.

7. Sally Hansen: Pacific Blue- This is the only polish I go from CVS, the others were from Walmart. This was very similar to the color Nicole Guerriero was wearing in her video. At least I thought it was. After purchasing this polish, I went home and looked it up on YouTube. That was a big mistake, because I was left a little unhappy. This nail polish sparked a lot of controversy last year, because it was a new formula of the original Pacific Blue. I immediately knew I made a mistake because I fell in love with the original, not realizing that it didn't exist anymore. This color is pretty in the bottle. But when I opened it, it looked very watery and it took more then two coats to get it to the exact color of the polish. I was pretty upset. If you were clueless about this polish like me, look up this color on YouTube and you will be very interested in the responses to this.

8. Maybelline: Midnight Blue- I am in love with this color. I have never tried a Maybelline polish, but I am so glad I did. This is a gorgeous color, it's a dark blue. When I first saw this polish I thought it was, like a plum purple but it's blue.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Are there any polishes you like or thought you liked, let me know?

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  1. great colors!!!

  2. My favorite is Pacific Blue, I like these kinds of colors. I didn't know they reformulated this so I'm going to find something else that's similar in color.


    1. There are a lot of dupes for the original polish.

  3. Great haul:) kiss

  4. These are such beautiful shades, I love Pacific Blue :) I really feel like treating myself to some new summery nail polishes! x

  5. Oooh I love the NYC Hamptons Peach and the Sally Hansen Mighty Mango, they're such beautiful colours :)

    Great post lovely!

    1. Thank you! I did not expect to like some of these colors, but I really do!

  6. I love NYC nail polishes, I wish they had more colors!


  7. Some gorgeous colours there. I've really got into nails recently! :-) I love the Hamptons peach! #boldandbeautiful

  8. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  9. love the bright blue shade!

    from helen at

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  10. Great colours!
    Maybe we can follow each other? Just let me know!

  11. A great collection, my favourite is the first peach one!


  12. i love the look of the sally hansen blue ! i always have to avoid blue polish as it makes my hands look blue not sure why ! thanks for linking up #boldandbeautiful

  13. all those colours are fantastic for summer
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