My Favorite things to lighten up the House for Summer!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
During the Summer the weather gets very hot. Believe it or not, but the weather affects the inside of your house. For this lifestyle post, I was inspired by luxury bedding company, Parachute to share with you, how I lighten up the atmosphere in my house for the Summer.

Changing the Curtains
What better way to get ready the Summer, than to change up your curtains. For me I like dark curtains; but I live with my mom and sister, so we all have to agree. But those dark curtains do get annoying during the Summer days, because they block the sunlight. In order to bring in sunlight and keep the house looking new and fresh, go for light/ neutral colors. Even prints lighten up the atmosphere inside!

Fan or Air Conditioner
During the hot Summer days, the weather doesn't just affect the outside, it also has an influence on the atmosphere inside the house. With these warmer months the house gets so stuffy and muggy. I do not like feeling this way, because I feel hot and sticky. That is why it's so important to keep cool inside. Fans not only keep the house cool, it is also relaxing. I like to sit near the fan while drinking a cold beverage and reading a magazine.

Who said candles were just for the Fall/ Winter seasons. That's the great part about candles, there are so many that can be used for different seasons. I have a few favorites that go great for the Summer. These candles are MAINSTAYS:  Vanilla and Fresh Cotton! Their very refreshing and calming.

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Time to throw those long sleeves and pants back in the draws! For the summer I like to keep cool during the night. So I wear shorts and a light shirt for bed. 

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Changing your Bedding
Out with the old and In with the new! That nice cool feeling you get, when you jump in a bed full of new sheets. How about laying your head on cool new pillow case. During the winter we all have extra cover/ sheets to keep us warm. But that does not work for the Summertime. Those extra blankets get in the way and creates more heat, so it's nice to remove them. To keep your bedroom cool at night, it's good have a fan near your bed!
The Parachute Home website is a great place to buy/look for things to brighten up your bedroom. Whether you're interested in their pillowcases, candles, and sheets you will enjoy browsing their site. If you want to know more about Parachute Home check out their links below!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what things you do to lighten up your house, bedroom, etc..
*I was not compensated for writing this post.

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