Shea Miracle: Moisture Intense Bouncing Curls Pudding

Sunday, June 21, 2015

When it comes to my hair, I am willing to be open-minded to things anew. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. It's like one day we're friends and the next we're enemies. Am I the only one who goes through this? I have curly hair that's frizzy, so I try to keep it moisturized as much as possible. With any hair, but mostly curly it tends to break off at the ends if it's not treated with T.L.C! While in Walmart I was in the hair section looking for a new product to use. I do love my "Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Cream", but the end result leaves my hair with white flakes. So that day I was kind of on a hair mission.

The Shea Butter curl pudding is enriched with Shea Butter. This helps eliminate dryness enhancing body, bounce, and shine. Works great for  Mixed Textures such as: Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Coily, & Transitioners. This gives amazing manageability, softness and shine to these types of hair. Regular use of this product helps soften curls, coils, and waves. A lot of curly haired girls experience shrinkage in their hair. Don't worry because this claims that it will elongate curls and kinky-coils. This will also smooth and tame frizz. I was a little skeptical about this product, it just seemed to good to be true. After trying it out, I have decided that it was definitely worth the buy! I am almost done with this container and I can't wait to repurchased it. My hair does not have flakes anymore and it feels more moisturized. The curl pudding/cream has a thick consistency, but it's not sticky at all. It absorbs in my hair really well. My hair style lasts a lot longer and there is very little fizz, which is great. The best part about this is the price. It was less than $4, maybe about $3.59. It lasts a long time, I've had this for about a month now. If your looking for a product to help your curly needs try this out!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post! What's your current favorite hair product?


  1. Love this post, this looks amazing

    CharlotteSamantha //

  2. nice

  3. I keep my hair in box braids approximately 85% of the time because I just can't deal! And the weather here in London makes my hair so dry for some reason! once I take my braids out, I'll try finding this and trying it out! xx

    1. I hope you find this, because this is really good!

  4. nice post ..its interesting :)