Skintimate: Skin Therapy Mosturizing Shaving Gel

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
About two months ago, if I hear the words shaving gel I would say that's a waste of money. Why wouldn't use soap. I still use soap, but I am warming up to the idea of a shaving gel. I guess "Beauty Videos" are really persuasive! To be honest soap works good, but shaving gel is a better protection against razor burns. If a girl goes a month without shaving, hey who cares! But since it's almost summer those legs have to get back from vacation. For me it's been a month no shame, I couldn't my legs that. As soon as soaped up my legs and I started shaving, I could feel the burn and I almost cried. It was so bad I started bleeding a little, has that ever happened to you? So the shaving gel I'm going crazy for, I brought at Walmart for under $3. I believe the exact price was about $2.79. Even though the price is cheap, it is a great quality. If you want to know more keep reading and decide for yourself!

The Skintimate Shaving Gel is infused with Vitamin E, which is very essential for good looking skin and Moroccan Oil. This gel also includes olive butter + sunflower seed oil, that helps replenish the skins natural moisture. Another good thing about this shaving gel, is that it provides unbeatable protection for a close, comfortable shave, and healthy smooth feeling skin. I love this shaving gel. It works really well and my legs feel really soft. While shaving I felt like I was in those commercials (I know I'm weird, don't judge)! You can also use this for your underarms which is great. First off, a little of this goes a long way. There are two options, you can either pump some in your hands and then apply or pump it directly to your leg (or the area you want to shave).

When I first pumped this gel it had a foam look. But when I rubbed it on my leg it wasn't foamy, it was like a thick consistency. For me it was not sticky at all. If you do use this, remember to wet the shaving area first (of course it will be on the directions, but I just wanted to let you know). This will help the gel lather up, that is why a little goes a long way. So maybe pump a medium amount of this gel. For my first experience with trying a shaving gel, it was a good one. I am really impressed with this. I'm pretty sure this is a popular brand, but that does not matter to me. As long as the product is good, it could be called pajamas!

I hope you enjoyed reading! What skincare products have you been using?

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  1. Love the post! I love this product so much! Especially since I have the most sensitive skin ever!
    <3 Liz