Advice to My Younger Self

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
When I look back on the days I was kid, I miss it a lot. Who doesn't? I mean you didn't have to worry about anything like: School, Work, Bills, "The Real World". Back then I was a "worry wart". I worried about fitting in, I worried about how I looked, and I even worried about gym. I know everyone says gym is like the easiest class, I mean that's true but I didn't like it. I you didn't hit the ball right or didn't run fast enough, the other kids would pick on you. Do not get me wrong, I did have some good times in elementary but it wasn't enough.
When I think about it, my experience was only bad in the 3rd grade. The girls in my classroom were so mean to me and when we had recess inside, it was bad. They kicked me out of their circle and I was alone. I was by myself and they laughed at me. I would come home upset and my mom would encourage me. Moms are so important, they are always there for you. I'm sure we all can agree that we are very lucky. She told me not to worry about those girls and I do not need them. It's true I didn't need them. The next day at school I felt a little better, but I knew I was going to be alone. If only I could hug my 3rd grade self, I would! That day after school, my mom had a surprise for me. She brought me an art set: markers, crayons, color pencils, and paper. My mom said I could take this to school and I wouldn't be alone. I guess this started my dream of wanting to become a designer! Anyway, everyday I brought that art set and I would draw and color. I was by myself, but that was ok because I was having way more fun.
If I could talk to my younger self, I would tell her don't worry about the girls at school. They are insecure about themselves. They have no reason to laugh at you, so don't worry. You are better off without them. Who needs friends like that anyway. You are a kindhearted person and those girls just want to see you cry. But you're not going to give them that. You're a strong girl. Sometimes when I look back, I can't believe that happened to me. It makes me sad when I hear about little kids getting bullied. I know how it feels and its not a one. It's important that you have someone to talk to.
Were you ever bullied or did you see someone else get bullied?

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