My Flaws as a Blogger

Friday, July 17, 2015
During one of my favorite chats #ltbloggers (lunchtime bloggers) we talked about blogging. While I'm interacting, I think about all the flaws I have as a blogger. The three listed below is something I've always felt. Since I am turning over a "new leaf" and since I am happier as a blogger, I thought I would share them with you.
Is my blog good enough?
Worrying about whether my blog is good enough, this is something I think a lot about. I always try to encourage others, but I also have to take my own advice. I want my blog to attract others, but most importantly I want to like my own blog. From interacting with other bloggers on twitter, I realized I am not the only one who feels this way. Sometimes I'm guilty of comparing my blog to others. "Their blog is so great, why can't mine be that way"? "I work hard on my blog posts, is it boring"? "I'm just being myself, is that a bad thing"?
Is this design right for me?
Spending hours trying to find the perfect blog design is definitely a flaw for me. When I first redesigned my blog, I was happy at first. But I was never 100% sure about it, I even wrote a post on it here: Blog Changes. I learned so much about html and css and I worked really hard, but it wasn't what I really wanted. For about a month I was a search for the perfect design. I would look at other blogs and think, "Hey that's what I want". But I've come to realize that, what's great for someone else might not be great for you. I would stress out about it. In general I'm an indecisive person. I found this beautiful design for free (minimal clean template design) I though it was good. But after about two weeks I realized I didn't like it at all. It was nice, but not me. This week when I had time I would stay up late looking for the perfect design. I would upload it, fix it up and I wasted time. But last night I searched one more time and it hit me. I said wow when I saw the sugar and spice blogger template. That didn't happen with the others, which is why I knew this one was me. I'm a simple kind of girl, but I wanted that hit of girly to it. I love this new design and I am so motivated. I may sound a little crazy, but the other design made me feel sad.
Do people like my blog?
Worrying about what people think of my blog. I've always been a worry wart, so this time is no different. I always feel insecure about my blog. I am being myself, but I don't understand. Sometimes I think, this is what stops me from blogging everyday. That's going to change though. If I don't believe in myself, who will. Whenever I blog I work really hard. But from now on I'm blogging about whatever I want, no matter what. To be honest the simple things make me happy!
Do you have any flaws as blogger?


  1. I can relate. I always feel like my blog is never good enough- even if I don't compare it to others. I'm just so unsatisfied with my blog.

  2. great post, I love this! I think we all feel the same way when it comes up to your own blog. It's never good enough, that's why we keep working so hard on it :)


  3. This is true! Sometimes I worry that my blog isn't perfect enough but the bottom line is to have fun :)