Posts You Should Read as a Blogger! (Updated)

Friday, July 31, 2015
Lately, I been debating on where I want my blog to go. I love my design, but now I don't know about my blog in general. I consider myself a beauty & lifestyle blogger. But isn't beauty related things apart of life? So when I need some blogging inspiration, I like to read other blogs to get motivated. I can literally spend hours looking up new blogs, reading my current favorites blogs, or helpful tips. In this post, here's some blog posts I've found to be very helpful and useful. Everyone's experiences with blogging are different, so there is no right or wrong answer to this. These are just here to help!

Why Blogging Is Hard Work by Malu Swartjes 
Blogging Tips by abeautifulmess
Beauty Blog Tips by Scandalous Beauty
How to start a food blog by Cookie and Kate
How to start a food blog by Pinch of yum
How To Start A Blog by Gary Dek
How To Start A Blog by and FirstSiteGuide team
I hope you find these posts helpful, like I did! They have almost everything you may want to know. 

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