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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
We all desire to have smooth, soft, and hydrating looking skin. Those commercials for soft skin are so nerve racking. It's like they have soft skin and I'm over here with piles of exfoliators! Am I the only one?
During the Summer and even the winter we experience dryness and cracks in our hands. It can be irritating and it hurts as well. Here are 3 products I recommend you to tryout.

The Suave Creamy Tropical Coconut Body Wash, definitely moisturizes and softens the skin. Suave body wash is enriched with Coconut extract and infused with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential part for healthy skin. This product also contains milk protein, so beware if you are allergic. The scent lasts on you for hours. I definitely recommend this to you. This was also my first time using a body wash, I usually use soap. I still do, but I am loving this too. If I was to just use body wash, I would continue to use the soap while washing my face.

Some soaps can make your hands feel and dry and cracked. That feeling can be unbearable, but these soap do just the opposite! I am not affiliated with the Softsoap brand, I just love their soaps. They have variety of other scents, like peppermint. But these are the 2, that are in the house. Milk & Golden Honey Moisturizing Hand Soap, has a creamy consistency. This product is also enriched with milk protein (just like the body wash, so be careful) and also had honey extracts. I love this because it smells really good and my hands are left feeling soft and smooth. The Lavender & Chamomile Hand Soap doesn't say moisturizing on it, but that what it does. It's basically the same as the, milk and honey soap. The Lavender & Chamomile isn't creamy, but it has a thick consistency. I definitely recommend these soaps, they were under $2, which is great. They also come is scents/flavors like: peppermint, watermelon, and others.

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  1. I absolutely love honey body washes;they're so moisturizing. My favorite body wash is by SoftSoap, it's the smooth wash with seeds that help scrub your skin and it's super hydrating.