Resources for Bloggers! Part 2

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
A while back I wrote a post on helpful sites for bloggers, that would be useful for them. Since then I have found more sites that are great as well! These sites have helped me a lot, I am not an expert but I have learned enough! I will put some of the old sites I still use, but if you want to read the first post click here: Resources for Bloggers!
Create your own Blog Header/Button
You don't have to sign up in order to make headers, buttons, or edit pictures. It's for free, but if you want more options than you would have to sign up.

Free Templates
These templates are for free. But if you to fully customized them without the footer credits and more, you can purchase them for less than $10. That's pretty sweet!

Affordable Templates
Sarah's etsy shop "The Blossom Cart" has beautiful templates for under $5, that's amazing! I would definitely recommend checking it out.
Custom/ Premade Templates
These sites offers custom and premade designs.
Design/ Build your own Blog + Tips
These sites are great if you want to learn HTML and CSS tricks and tips! If you want to design your own blog, these sites are very helpful.

I hope these sites will help you! What helpful sites or blog posts do you find works really well!

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  1. I love picmonkey, xomisse and pipdig. My blog wouldn't look like what it is without xomisses tips but there's a pigdig template ive been eyeing.
    This post is very helpful.