Taking Risks

Monday, July 20, 2015
Over the past few years, I've learned a lot about taking risks. "You never know how something will be unless you try it", this is so true. I am a cautious person and I was not the biggest risk taker. The only risky I did was cross the street while a car was close. It's important to take risks and it's more important to try something out. For me I am taking baby steps. It doesn't have to b major, it can be small. About a month ago, I finally put a picture of myself on my Twitter and Facebook page. I was so nervous, but after awhile I felt a relief. I was relieved I took that first step. 

I started out wanting to make YouTube videos, but I didn't want to be on camera. So that's when I found blogging. Blogging has given me the confidence to follow my dreams and put myself out there! I guess I am or was afraid of being vulnerable.

I've faced rejection with certain opportunities and I failed at things. Even though I gave up at that point, that didn't stop and I continued trying again. Relating this to blogging, I would give up when I felt no one was reading my blog. But at some point I got back up. Relating this to life, I shouldn't let set backs get me down. If people are going through worse things then I am, who am I to be complaining about the small things.

I am a dreamer. I have so many dreams I want to accomplish, but if I don't take risks how can they happen. I feel like this is my year to shine! I've had some opportunities that I didn't think could happen. I am so grateful and it's because I took risks. If I want to accomplish things and be successful I have to be a risk taker.

Have you ever taken risks, that you wouldn't have a year(s) ago?


  1. These are great words, thanks so much! I love Motivational Mondays.


  2. Very nice and motivating post dear!
    Have a nice week,

  3. I loved the quote! Great post, I love these types of posts when I need a pick me up like today!


  4. Ohh I love motivation quotes! Perfect! =)

    Happiness Is The Only Rule