Thursday, August 20, 2015
It's always hard dealing with change, trust me I know. If you knew me, you would realize that it is hard for me to accept change. I like for things to stay the same, but I have come to realize that it's ok for life to evolve. Change is good if it's a positive one. My life is changing, the things I want to do are changing, and I am really excited. The word change still scares me though; although I feel differently now I feel a little scared inside. Maybe I'm scared of the changes around me. My personality has stayed the same, but maybe it wont fit with the change. Overall, good things can come from change.
I've learned that you can't let change stop you from going after a dream or a goal. There were a few opportunities I didn't take, because I was afraid of the possible change or affect it would have. Our world is constantly changing, people are changing and if these things are positive why should I be afraid. Part of life is about changing and taking risks. If you don't how will you learn from your mistakes and experiences. I don't like failing and sometimes that's my downfall. When you fail at something, that changes you and your outlook on life changes. For the past few weeks, I've been going through one of the biggest changes in my life. Don't worry it's a very positive change!
What I have learned about my in the past month, is that I'm starting to learn how to let go and accept change. I have to accept the fact that life is all about facing change and it's normal. I'm not going to runaway from it this time, I'm going to embrace it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading! Let me know how you feel about change. 


  1. Love this!

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  2. This is a good message, new beginnings can't happen without change! :)