Favorite Fall Candles!

Thursday, November 12, 2015
I love candles and I can't begin to tell you, how obsessed I am with them. Honestly, lighting candles aren't just for fall and winter. But it's obviously more appropriate for these seasons. After lighting my candles, I like getting cozy under the covers watching Netflix. If I am really in a good mood, I will drink some hot chocolate! Over the past couple of years, I started buying and collecting candles. I love buying seasonal candles, so I am going to share my favorites with you. These candles are very affordable, except a few were on sale.
Mulled Cider- I've never had mulled cider before. But if it smells just as good as the candle, I am definitely going to try it. The combination of the apple and cinnamon are amazing! You will love the aroma in your house or any room, you light this candle.
Harvest Leaves- This is a very strong scent, but it's not so bad when you light it. In my opinion, the harvest leaves candle smells like fabric softener.
These candles cost $2 at Walmart, which is really good if you're on a budget. Most of the time the price of a candle depends on size.
Pumpkin Latte- I've never had a pumpkin latte, but this candle smells really good. This candle blends a touch of bright, juicy fruits into a creamy latte of white pumpkin and steamed milk. Maple sugar and vanilla bean and it adds a hint of sweetness. Even though I've never had a pumpkin latte before, I feel like I'm covered in it.
Pumpkin Muffin- I love muffins, their really good. During the fall I like drinking hot chocolate with muffins. I wasn't really into eating things with pumpkin, until I had pumpkin pie. This is like a sweet, spicy treat that folds cinnamon, sugar, all spice, clove, nutmeg, and ginger into a delicious pumpkin cupcake; that adds cream cheese icing and vanilla. I can just imagine how good a real pumpkin muffin/ cupcake would taste. Maybe I will make some!
Caramel Toffee- This candle is inspired by the candle, which tastes really good by the way! The creamy caramel accented with cinnamon and clove and is spun with brown sugared butterscotch. Included with warm fudge and undertones of smooth English toffee to create a month watering combination.
These candles cost $9.99, but I caught them on sale for $4.99 at Kohl's.

What candles are you loving for this fall season?

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