Blogmas Day 31: It's New Years Eve!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

It's New Year's Eve everyone! This year is one to remember and one some can't wait to leave behind. So many things have happened this year and it's a lot to take in. A lot of people have lost their lives young and old. So much sadness all in such a short period of time. Losing someone is never easy, it doesn't matter what time of the year. But for the holidays it can be especially hard. Not having someone who you love and care about in your life anymore, because they passed is so hard. The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time, but how can it be when there are people missing. I know in a lot of posts I write about how life is too short and it shouldn't be taken for granted. To be honest I will continue to say this, because it's true. The people in your lives are gems and should be cherished. 
Now I'm not one to give "advice", but I like to call it sharing words of wisdom with you. With that being said, you should surround yourself with positive people and love. Leave the negativity behind and remove yourself from negative people. They don't deserve you or your friendship. Whatever the case may be, it's time to move on. Everyone deserves to be happy! If someone isn't there for you like you are for them, they were not a friend to begin with. I am in no way telling you to do, this is just how I feel. I'm sure you've heard of the saying, "it's better to have a few real friends, then a bunch of fake ones" well it's true. 
So here's to everyone being happy and leaving the negative vibes behind. Follow your dreams and goals because only you know what's best for you. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Know that you're worth it and don't let anyone belittle that. Shine brighter than the sun and sparkle more than a diamond! I'm excited about the year and I'm blessed to have experienced this year, good or bad. Everyday is a fresh start, but the new year is like a clean slate. So here's to a new year everyone! 

Blogmas Day 29: My Goals for 2017!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I can't believe the year is coming to a close. I've grown and learned so much this year. In my previous post I wrote how I'm not making any resolutions this for the next year, but that doesn't mean I can't have goals. I'm grateful for the lessons and experiences I've learned this year. When you turn a certain age, you have a new outlook on life and the things you want to accomplish. Most importantly how you want to live your life. 
  • Get a new blog design
  • Be more organized and scheduling tweets and posts
  • Blog consistently throughout the year
  • Stop procrastinating 
  • Appreciate How far I've come with blogging. 
  • Stepping up my picture game 
  • Have fun blogging
  • Collaborating with bloggers 
  • Be consistent on social media 
  • Meet new people 
  • Living Life and enjoying it
  • Living healthier 
  • Get back to drawing/ sketching
  • Work on the twitter page I created
What are your goals for the New Year, do we have any in common? 

Blogmas Day 28: No New Years Resolutions For Me!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Every year I hear or see people making resolutions for the New Year and there's nothing wrong with that either. I also hear people saying "New Year, New Me". Hey that's great for you. But for me I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. It's easy to say what you going to do or what your not, but to actually follow through proves to be challenging. I just want to be the best version of myself, that I can be. I want peace, love and happiness for everybody. There were so many years where I promised that I was going to complete this or change that. Nut in the end, I just ended up disappointing myself and I gave up. For me when I turned 25 my whole perspective on life changed and I guess I'm preparing myself for the New Year! I believe when you have a positive mindset, nothing can stop you. Although I don't have a resolution, I do have goals I want to accomplish. It's good having goals, whether it's: daily, weekly or monthly! I'm not going to be so hard on myself next year, but I'm definitely going to get it together. If I want to accomplish anything, I can't to half it and expect the rest to be done for me. Hard work pays off and I have to work even harder. I'm so motivated and this is the chance where I finally prove to myself, that I'm capable of accomplishing everything I want. I have so many goals and although I haven't completely figured it all out, I will get there.

Blogmas Day 27: Reflecting On This Past Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This year has definitely been an eye opener for me. So many things have happened in this world and I've learned so much about myself. I'm sure we can all agree that this year had a lot of ups and downs. I know for sure we had a big surprise, most wasn't expecting. But with that being said I can't believe it's almost a new year. I'm not a philosopher but I do like to share positivity to people. During negative times, it's important to have hope and positivity. I've learned a lot this year. When I graduated from high school, I thought I knew what I wanted in life. When I turned 21 I thought I knew myself, not realizing that I was just starting my journey of self discovery. Although I don't completely have it all together, I do however know what I want to do. When I would see someone who already knew what they wanted in life, I thought something was wrong with me. Why didn't I know, but I realized that I wasn't ready or prepared. But now I am and I'm ready to prove to myself that I can. Through darkness there is light and it you will find it. It may take longer than others but it's there.
Not only have I grown as a person, but I've grown as a blogger! In the past, I've always said how I want to blog consistently. But obviously it didn't happen that way. I know I've been consistent for a few months now, but I mean for the whole year. The time I spent uploading a post everyday made realize how much I love blogging. During my time blogging and with the breaks I've taken, I know for a fact that hard work pays off if you try. Whenever I felt discouraged from blogging I would stop for a period of time. Neglecting social media and only blogging from time to time. Now I will admit that for the first two years of blogging I had trouble with my computer and couldn't really do it consistently like I wanted to. But the other ones I don't have an excuse for it. I know everything is not perfect, there's no such thing. But if I didn't feel confident in what I was doing, how could I expect someone to read what I wrote. I have become a better writer though, so I'm happy about that. I don't compare my blog to others anymore, which would bother me in the past. Everyone and their blog is different. Just because someone is getting all of these comments and people are noticing them, doesn't mean it won't happen for you. Whenever I see a blogger reach a milestone and have other successes I get really excited for them. They work so hard and deserve it. That motivates me to work even harder. So I hope that we all have a good year and you know what, I believe we will too! 

Blogmas Day 26: The Day after The Holidays!

Monday, December 26, 2016

The day of the holidays can be just as stressful as preparing for it. Well for some people at least. Me I'm still on a Christmas high, if that makes any sense. I know a lot of people start taking down their decorations and the Christmas tree, right after. My family and I do it one to two days before the New Year. But then there's a lot of people who don't take anything down till after. So just like Thanksgiving, you spend a lot of time preparing and then when it's all over, I'm like well that went by fast. I'm curious to know if anyone else feel the same way as I do. Anyways I had a great Christmas with my family and I hope all of you did too. Being your family is always a blessing and a special time. With the holidays going by so fast, I realized how life is so precious and shouldn't be taken for granted. But again I can't believe Christmas is over already, that was just too quick. Like I said before, you spend so much time preparing and stressful and then it's over in a blink of an eye. But at least we have one more holiday and it's the last one of the year. 

Blogmas Day 25: Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2016
Merry Christmas everyone! If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope your having a great day. I can't believe it's here already, but I'm excited. Every year I feel like a little kid again. But before I continue I always want to take a moment to say how thankful I am and how grateful I am. Not everyone is able to say that. I couldn't go to sleep really the night before, I was pretty excited. So on Christmas Day when 12:00am hit, wished my mom and sister a Merry Christmas! I stayed up until 4:00am. I know that's pretty late, but again I couldn't help it. So I ended up sleeping till 6:00am, I was still a little tired but I was too happy to go back to sleep. I had a nice Christmas with my mom and sister, we laughed and  watched movies. I was on instagram and facebook throughout the day. I don't know about you but I love seeing others post pictures of their Christmas trees and the food! Is that weird? Speaking of Christmas trees, there has been a mixture of them. It's not just the traditional green Christmas tree anymore. There's also white and pink trees. I was surprised because I didn't think those existed until last year when my mom brought one. It's actually pretty I was a little hesitant about because I like traditional, but I do like it. This Christmas was very relaxing and it was peaceful. I fixed baked ziti which never gets old with me. I love pasta dishes around the holidays, it's great comfort food especially with the colder days happening. 
Throughout future posts I'll share what I got for Christmas, this was just an overall view of what my day was like! I had fun just being with family. If you want to know what else I did checkout some of the movies I like to watch during Christmas and some of the music I like listen to! 
I hope all of you had a wonderful day regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas! 

Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve And The Countdown To Christmas Day!

Saturday, December 24, 2016
Christmas Eve is the official countdown till Christmas! Usually it's very hectic for people during this time. You know, last minute shopping and wrapping gifts. Some people have parties. My mom hosted a Christmas party yesterday! It was good to spend time with family I don't get to see everyday. Usually Christmas Eve is just spent with my mom and sister. We like to watch movies and laugh, just having a good time. Tonight at 8:00 pm started the 24 hour marathon of "A Christmas Story"! I mentioned this movie in "My Favorite Christmas Movies" post. I also watched Elf and Home Alone, which are some of my other favorites. You know, I always wonder what other people are doing on Christmas Eve. That's the cool part about social media, seeing everyone having a good time with family! Again I can't believe it's literally almost Christmas time, I remember it was just the first of December. Participating in my first Blogmas this year was pretty cool! Next year I definitely doing this again. But I will step up my game, I promise. This post isn't regular or normal and technically I'm not either so it works out fine! If only you could see me laughing at myself right now. 
Basically I'm reflecting and remembering last Christmas. I'm also thinking about my family that isn't here anymore. You can't forget the memories you've had with them, but it isn't easy. That's why it's so important to cherish moments you have with family and friends. If you're like me it's hard to sleep during Christmas Eve. Remember when you were a kid and you would keep waking up. It's like every five minutes your waking up wondering if Santa came. How about baking cookies for him with a glass of milk. The best part was always the notes that was left from him. When Christmas comes around everyone has an excuse to be a kid again. This year it didn't really snow, I mean it one time but it melted the next day. I a lot of people hope for snow around this time. If it doesn't come on Christmas I'm pretty sure it will happen before the year is over. 
Let me know what you do on Christmas Eve and if anything changed this year! 

Blogmas Day 22: Simple Secret Santa Gifts!

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Can you believe Christmas is in three days, where has the time gone. During Christmas time and even hosting holiday parties do you ever play games? Do you guys do secret Santa? I mean everyone loves participating in this, right? Well if you've waited to the last minute, don't worry I have some simple gift ideas for you. These items are affordable, convenient and can be used everyday. I know a lot of people enjoy it because you can be really creative. Plus you will get to see how well you know the person, or when you open the gift you can see if they know you well too! So here's my simple gifts for your secret Santa. Also a lot of people have a set budget, so you can't go over. I know this also happens with a grab bag. I think that's great because money can be low during the holidays. 
Gift Cards 
Who doesn't love a gift card and the good part about this gift idea, is that there a card for almost everything. iTunes, Restaurants, Google Play, Macy's, Amazon you name it! 
I love candles! They will have your whole house smelling really good and you'll stay warm, during these colder months. 
Coffee Mug 
I'm pretty sure you know someone who drinks coffee. If not they can put hot chocolate in it, like I do! I know at Walmart they have a gift package with a Starbucks mug with stuff to make coffee!
I love candy and as a gift you can't go wrong with that! 
Hat & Scarf Set
It officially Winter which means the temperature went from cool to cold in a matter of minutes. I think this is a great idea. 
Notepad or Planner & Pen 
With the year coming up everyone needs a notepad or planner, whichever one is best. Both help you stay organized, whether you're setting up daily or weekly goals or a to do list. 
I know these are very simple but they would be great as a gift and it's affordable. 

Blogmas Day 21: My Hair Routine During The Winter!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Not too long ago I mentioned hair products that I've been using for the winter/ colder days. I know technically winter just started, but I always associate the first of December as the start of winter I know that's weird. So I decided to share with you my hair routine. If you want to check out my old routine from a couple of years ago click here... But to be honest not a lot has changed, it's just an updated version for you! Before you keep reading, I wash my hair one to two times a week. Not all the time. Usually it just once.
So lately I've been prepping my hair for my wash day. I either prep the night before or an hour the day of. So first I detangle my hair using the swissco detangling brush. Most of the time I detangle the night before because it's easier. This is actually one of the longest process for my hair. Because my hair is a thick coarse texture it takes a while. Before I detangle I make sure to oil my hair because I don't want to detangle on dry hair, that's not good. After I do that I put more oil in my hair and massage my scalp. One because it promotes hair growth and two because I need to distribute the oil all over. But if I'm doing this the day of, I do a hot oil treatment. All that means is warming up the oil and applying it to your hair, then covering you hair with a plastic cap for 5 to 10 min., then rinsing it off and continuing to the next step. Sometimes I section my hair when applying oil and sometimes I don't. Also I detangle my hair before washing because it's easier to comb through the conditioner or hair masque in the washing process. Before I continue I wash my hair warm to cool/cold water. 
This is by far the easiest step to do. So I use my Cantu Shampoo and I only squeeze out a medium amount. I guess a little smaller than a handful, if that makes sense. After that I distribute the product throughout my hair, scratching or massaging my roots/scalp. As someone with curly hair, I've learned that it's only necessary to use the shampoo on the roots of the hair. Because you're only cleansing the buildup in your roots. Sorry if I'm being repetitive. So after scrubbing I rinse out the shampoo, letting the rest of it touch my hair. 
Now here's comes the long process. Just like the shampoo is there to cleanse my roots, the conditioner is for the ends of my hair. So after I apply my conditioner, I distribute the product with my hands or wide tooth comb. Sometimes I use the same detangling brush as the one in the preparation step. After that I keep the conditioner in for about ten minutes and then I rinse it out it. 
Deep Conditioning/ Treatment Masque:
During the deep conditioning process I use the same rules as I do in the regular conditioner step. If you've ever came in contact with a curly haired and she tells you that, she ran out of conditioner believe her. I use a lot of conditioner when washing my hair. I use even more when deep conditioning! So after I get a good amount of deep conditioner in distribute it down the shaft and ends of my hair. I also detangle my hair one last time before the washing process is over. Then I put a plastic cap over my head to let the deep conditioner soak in my hair. This is for about 30 minutes. While that's happening I continue with my regular showering. After rinsing I go on to the next step. 
The LOC Method:
  • Leave In Conditioner
  • Oil
  • Cream 
This step takes the longest because with this step, there's three. So I section my hair in four parts sometimes more depending on how much time I have. I first spray water in my hair, because it will be easier for the products to latch onto my hair and work. Then I distribute the leave in conditioner into each section and I brush it through with my denman brush. I really like the denman brush because I can define my curls with it. Then I basically repeat those same steps, except using the spray bottle with the oil and cream or curling pudding or sometimes curling custard. It all depends on how I'm feeling that day. Because there's a lot of product in my hair sometimes there's some left over so a take a microfiber towel or a t-shirt and I squeeze the rest out of my hair. 
Alternative If I Don't Do The LOC Method:
Because the previous step takes the longest, I have an alternative method. Sometimes I'm lazy and I don't feel like going through those three steps. So all I use is olive oil and gel. But before I do the same as the previous step which is spraying water on my hair, to re-wet. The product works well when water is used before hand.
Drying My Hair: 
Whether I use the LOC method or the alternative one, I still blow dry my hair with a diffuser. During the Summer time I let my hair air dry, because it's warm outside. But because it's Winter time it's colder and my hair my dry. Sometimes I let my hair air dry for ten minutes before I dry it with the diffuser. The dry time for my hair varies, but it takes approximately about 45 minutes to almost an hour. After I'm finished, if I remember I will apply oil to my hair. So that's it!
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know about your washing process. 

Blogmas Day 20: My Hopes For The New Year As A Blogger!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
I've been blogging for 4 years now and to be honest I wasn't really enjoying it. I guess it's my fault because I wasn't writing a lot of the things I wanted to talk about. I was putting myself in a category thinking that's where I should be and then I become stuck. It wasn't until a few months ago when I told myself that enough was enough. I know this has nothing to do with a Christmas theme or a winter theme, but it's something that I want to share. Maybe it will help a new blogger or a someone who has been blogging a while like me. Blogging consistently last month and this month helped me realize that I can do this. You know self doubt is one of the most hardest obstacles. It's like the confidence is not there and you can't find it anywhere. Doing these past couple of months I've been writing everyday and it's made me realize that I have a lot to say. My hopes for the new year as a blogger, is to enjoy it. Blogging is something that I've stuck with and I'm very shocked. I didn't think I could do it and some bloggers I've meant along the way, I've lost touched with because they don't blog anymore.
What keeps me going is the people I've met through this experience. When I stopped blogging for awhile, I wondered what was going on. I was curious to know if anyone realized I wasn't there. It made me sad but I just didn't have the motivation like I do now. I hope to expand the topics I talk about on my blog. For example, I want to start talking about my hair and how I care for and the different products I like to use. I want to give tips on how to care for your hair and I want to share my natural hair journey. Which that will probably be a long post, but also helpful. I'm still going to be blogging about beauty, but I'm also going to be writing a lot of lifestyle posts! I like during a certain part of the year I get less motivated. I think during the Summer time, so I'm going to change that. I also want to get more organized, but I will talk about that in another post. I also want to invest more into my blog design. Which coincides with me wanting to blog more. I really enjoy blogging and I think this is my time to show myself that I'm serious. I hope to get more involved in blogger chats on Twitter, I mean it's nice connecting with people who share a common interest. Since I've turned 25, I think the light bulb went off and I had an epiphany. So here's to all my hopes as blogger and I can't wait to start off the new year on a good foot! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to share your hopes/ goals for you as a blogger and for your blog. 

Blogmas Day 19: Holiday Lip products!

Monday, December 19, 2016
With the holidays here, I'm sure everyone is celebrating all month long. You know with holiday parties, decorating and baking! Everyone has their own way of getting into the holiday spirit. Some dress up and others wear makeup. As I have said before I am not really a lipstick person nor do I regularly use lip products. Unless it's one that I really love. A couple of years ago I talked about the Kate Moss Rimmel London Lipstick. If you want to check out my first review on this click here Rimmel London: Kate Moss Lipstick. Trying this lipstick for the second time was a much better experience for me. Although I really liked it the first time, applying it was difficult for me. If you're laughing at me I get it, it's pretty funny. I was clueless when it came to applying lipstick. Compared to the first time this color does not intimidate me as much. It's still bold but it's more subtle than I thought it was. This lipstick is very pigmented and it applies on the lips very easily! If you're going to a party and you want to make a bold statement, this lipstick is great for that. If you're simple like me, a neutral eye look would be gorgeous paired with this. But if you're some who like dramatic and wants to go all out, pairing this lipstick with a smoky eye would look fierce. A winged eyeliner would also go great! The color is Rossetto and this is not matte, which means it doesn't dry. 
The other lip product is simple, but it's a two for one deal! The e.l.f. lip and cheek duo stix comes in the color Rose and it's a matte and shimmer finish. The colors are pretty and although you can use this on the lips by itself, I would recommend pairing it with a more bold lipstick or gloss. The Lip and cheek duo is not glossy or shiny. The shimmer side does not show up well for me, I can't really see the shimmer at all. In certain spots there's a little, but not really. If you tried this you will probably get better results because everyone is different. Overall I do like this product, it's not one that I love by itself but it's good. Again for a holiday party simple look, I would leave it as is and pair with a simple eye look. If you're dramatic add on a bolder lipstick or gloss to this product, so it can be shiny and a smoky look. 
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know your favorite festive lipsticks or glosses! 

Blogmas Day 18: Getting Into The Holiday Spirit!

Sunday, December 18, 2016
When you're a kid you can't wait for Christmas time, because of the presents! You're excited about helping mom or dad make cookies with a glass of milk for Santa Claus. There are so many exciting things about the holidays! But when you get older, it becomes more than that. Well at least for me it is. I think Christmas becomes more important as everyone gets older, because we understand the meaning of it. Like spending time with love ones and laughing at old times and most importantly creating new memories. Whenever the holiday season comes along, it brings me back to when I was a kid. All of the Christmas movies and the Christmas traditions I've experienced as a child are so important to me. This year I have really gotten into the holiday spirit, especially with blogging. This is my first year doing blogmas and it wasn't to bad. Hopefully next year it will be better, but with Christmas right around the corner I haven't had the motivation. But overall I am enjoying it and I love reading everyone else's blogmas post. It's always interesting to find out that you have the same things in common, with other bloggers.
My creativity has been tested during blogmas. Anyway, a couple of days after Thanksgiving, the Christmas tree in my house was put up. That's a first too and December hadn't even came yet! I was surprised about this, but excited at the same time. I know for some people they start decorating right after Halloween. I remember as a kid seeing neighbors decorating their house and wondering why, because I didn't think it was time yet. I always enjoyed riding in the car seeing the Christmas lights. The colorful bulbs are gorgeous and the plan ones look like sparkles to me! During the holidays the little things make me happy and I realized that it's not always the big things that are important. The holidays show me how grateful I should be and how i shouldn't complain. There are people who are going through worse things, then I could even imagine. As I have said before during this time I reflect on the year and how far I've come from the last. I'm really excited about Christmas time and always feel like a little kid again! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know how you feel about the holidays!

Blogmas Day 17: Peace, Love & Happiness For The Holidays!

Saturday, December 17, 2016
There has been so much negativity in this world and it has increased in just the past month. But with the holidays coming it makes this so much worse. I know I won't ever get a clear answer on why, this is happening but I just had to ask. This world is filled with so much toxic because of all this hate and people being petty, when there is so much going on already. People are dying in this world everyday, the last thing on someone's mind shouldn't be how someone looks or about the clothes they wear. Life is too short, I didn't understand this saying when I was younger but I do now. All I want for the holidays is for everyone to have peace, love and happiness. I know it probably won't happen, but it's nice to have hope. You would think that during the holidays people will grow up and stop acting immature. Clearly immaturity happens at any age. Same problems different day, I guess.
Christmas is getting closer, it's only a week away and I can't help but think about the people who are less fortunate. Although everyone enjoys receiving gifts, it really brings a smile to face giving presents away. I really don't know where to start but I it breaks my heart that so there is so much evil in this world. But I guess wherever there's a positive moment, there's always a negative. There are so many people who won't get a chance to celebrate the holidays with their family. There are a lot of people who won't get a chance to experience opening up Christmas gifts. I know I'm ranting and I'm probably being repetitive, but this is how I'm feeling. It's easy to forget what's really important in life and forget how blessed we all are. Everyone goes through rough times, it happens to a lot of people. Who has time to go out of their way to hurt someone. What purpose do you get from that. I know for some, the holidays are sentimental for many reasons and I'm really sorry for that. I love helping people but there are times when I can't. I'm not a hero nor do I try to be. I just want everyone happy. 

Blogmas Day 16: Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday, December 16, 2016
Today I turned 25 years old! That's a quarter of a century, wow. This is one of the most important milestones I will ever face. I can't tell you guys how grateful and blessed I feel. A lot of people don't get this chance, so I'm not taking this for granted at all. I've learned so many things and it has made me a better person and more wiser! This isn't really a post, although it is because of the platform. But this is me talking to all of you. If I have grammar errors, I'm leaving it as is. I may realize it's there or not. The point I'm trying to get across, is that people make mistakes that's life. What's important is that we learn from them and move on. Basically not repeating and making the same mistakes. As I got older I stopped caring, not about grammar mistakes but what someone thinks about me. There are times where I find myself self conscious about certain things, but that's because I'm my own worst critic. As far as other people go, if you can't accept me that's fine. Growing up I realized that not everyone will like me and I am completely cool with that. 
So with that being said, what happens now? Is there a guide to being 25? Is there a such thing as a quarter life crisis? Honestly I don't feel too different. I mean I'm the same Ashley as before, just a different age. Although I feel more empowered and strong, if that makes any sense to you. I remember when I was younger, I couldn't wait to be a grown up. If only I could slap myself, don't worry I'm joking. My age is older, but I'm still a kid at heart. Plus people often think I'm younger, so that's a win. I'm sure by now you figured out, that I'm a Sagittarius! I'm a fire sign, so don't piss me off! Again, I'm joking! In my post 10 Things You Don't Know About Me!, I shared some fun facts with you. Well here's another one, I share a birthday with Benjamin Bratt and Theo James! I'm pretty lucky if I say so myself. Again I'm so thankful and I can't believe I'm 25, but I'm excited to see what's in store for me!

Blogmas Day 15: My Favorite Christmas Songs!

Thursday, December 15, 2016
 As soon as December gets here, I start playing my favorite Christmas songs! I listen to most of them everyday, whether I'm doing my hair, in the car, on a cold day with the candle lit. That sounded a little weird, but I'm sure you get the point. Of course this year the Christmas songs started on the last day of November, that's when we decorated the tree. Any way I'm sharing with you all my favorite songs to listen to during the holidays. These songs may sound familiar to you, if not I definitely recommend checking them out! I will have the videos to the songs down below. 

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Let It Snow -  Boyz II Men
This Christmas - Original (Donny Hathaway) Remake (Chris Brown)
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry
Give Love On Christmas Day- Original (The Jackson 5) Remake (The Temptations & New Edition)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Jackson 5
Have Yourself A Merry Christmas - Frank Sinatra
White Christmas- Bing Crosby
Jingle Bell Rock - Mean Girls Version

I hope you enjoyed reading and make sure you play these songs!

Blogmas Day 14: My Favorite Christmas Movies/ TV Specials! (Part 2)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not to long ago I talked about my favorite Christmas movies! If you want to check that post out click here My Favorite Christmas Movies! Believe it or not I was just getting started. I'm a sucker when it comes to Holiday movies and TV specials. I can watch them over and over again. These movies never get old with me and it definitely gets me into the holiday spirit! Some of these movies can be found on Netflix, so I will let you know which ones. 
Christmas TV Specials!
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
I know what you're thinking, but please don't judge me! This 2000 cartoon special has become a favorite of mine, since I was a kid. Again please don't judge. Basically, the grandma got run over by Santa's sleigh/ Reindeer. Because she disappeared out of the blue and everyone thought she was gone, cousin Mel took advantage of the situation. She wanted to sell the grandma's store by sabotaging her popular fruit cake, hoping no one would come to the store forcing her to go out of business. On top of that, Santa was accused of running grandma over. Her grandson Jake went on a mission to find her, prove Santa was innocent and stop Cousin Mel. It used to come on the WB now CW and Cartoon Network. But I'm pretty sure you'll find it on the internet somewhere.
A Charlie Brown Christmas 
Who doesn't love Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang! This 1965 Christmas special is definitely a classic and it comes on ABC channel 7 around this time.
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
This 1970 TV special is one of my mom's favorites and it has become a favorite for my sister and I! My mom's favorite part is when Santa Claus sings "Put One Foot In Front Of The Other"!
Frosty The Snowman 
Although I know the outcome of this 1969 TV special, it still makes me sad. I mean the thought of Frosty melting is terrible.
Christmas Movies!
It's A Wonderful Life
This 1946 film starring James Stewart is truly a classic and one of  my favorite films! This movie has a lesson to be learned and it always brings tears to my eyes. It makes me realize how precious life is and that it shouldn't be taken for granted. We all have should cherish our loved ones dearly and to be grateful for the things we have, instead of complaining about the things we don't.
Sometimes it's hard to catch this movie, but it's airing on the USA network I think at 8:00pm eastern time on the east and 5:00pm on the west.
3 Days 
This 2001 film rarely comes on anymore, but it's one I watched everytime it did. Basically this couple had an argument about infidelity and went separate ways that night. The wife runs outside trying to save their neighbors dog and she ends up getting hit by a car. That part always gets me. The husband gets a second chance by an angel to relive the last three days they have together, I guess to prevent this tragedy from happening. To sum it up he prevents this from happening by getting hit instead. Don't worry this movie had a happy ending, he didn't die.

This Christmas 
This 2007 film starring Idris Elba, Loretta Devine and more is a must watch around my house during Christmas time. It's about a family who experiences ups and downs like any other. This comes on multiple channels like: Starz, TBS and BET.

Jack Frost 
This 1998 film is filled with a lot of emotions. Starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston, a dad dies in a car accident and comes back as a snowman. He tries to repair his relationship with his son and basically he does but he can't stay there. It was really sad but at least he got the chance to show his family how much he cared.

These Christmas movies can be found on Netflix!
Santa Claus 
The 1994 film is a classic that the whole family can enjoy and it will never get old. Plus it stars Tim Allen, it couldn't get any better than that. If by chance you didn't know, he's the voice of Buzz in the movie series "Toy Story".
Merry Kissmas
This is a 2015 television movie and it's also a romantic one at that. To sum it up for you, two strangers fall in love but obstacles stand in their way. I don't want to spoil it for you.
Christmas Kiss
This 2011 film is also about romance and one that is a must watch. Let's just say it begins and ends with a kiss on an elevator!
Christmas With The Kranks
This 2004 film starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen consists of many laughs, but it also shows us what's really important in life.
Miracle On 34th Street (Original 1947 & Remake 1994)
I definitely recommend you guys to watch both versions of this movie. I believe in Santa Claus do you? Basically watch these movies and you'll realize what I mean!
Dear Santa
This 2011 film can be seen on lifetime as well. A woman in her twenties finds a letter from a little asking Santa Claus for a wife for her father. The woman makes it her duty to complete this girl's wish. Although she had good intentions, all doesn't go as planned. But I promise this movie does have a good ending!

Snow Day
This 2000 film is one of my absolute favorites, especially because we all hoped for snow days when we were younger! Anything can happen on a snow day and these characters have proven just that.
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know your favorite movies, that I should be watching!

Blogmas Day 13: 10 Things I Love About Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
I can't believe it's almost time for Christmas. There's only twelve days left, time is going by too fast. Anyway, I'm the biggest kid when it comes to Christmas! I love pretty much everything about it, except for the shopping part. That's my least favorite it's always crowded and everyone goes into fighting mode. But this isn't about the things I don't like, it's about what I do like. 
Christmas Movies:
I love watching Holiday movies, whether I'm alone or with my family. It's like I turn into a kid and that's what I enjoy! If you're curious to know what my favorite movies are, check it out here: My Favorite Christmas Movies!
Holiday Baking/Food:
I love the smell of Christmas cookies and the best part is the decorating. Although I do like eating Christmas cookies and it is a tradition, there's a lot more desserts to take advantage of this season. Like brownies, white chocolate blondies, chocolate cake and I'm going to stop there because it too much chocolate in one sentence! I think the holidays are an excuse just to eat and that's fine with me! I like going shopping for the food and I love preparing it, but when that process is over I'm like "What do we do now, I guess we just eat"! 
Decorating The Christmas Tree:
I love decorating it's one of the most relaxing things to do. I mean you put on your favorite Christmas songs and it's like you're having a party already. I also love seeing others people's decorations as well. Whether it's driving down the street or seeing the decorations in the stores! 
Giving Christmas Presents:
You're probably thinking this is silly, but this is really a favorite. Seeing the smile on someone's face is more special than anything. I mean receiving gifts is nice, it's real nice. But seeing others happy is rewarding and fulfilling. 
The Holiday Sales:
I can't believe I'm actually writing, but hey there's nothing wrong with catching a sale. I've been really lucky with that this time around and also discounts! 
Hot Chocolate: 
Well this is something I could drink all year long, but I guess it's more appropriate for the winter! 
Spending Time with Family:
I'm pretty sure this is everyone's favorite thing about Christmas! I know a lot of people live far from their families, so the holidays are a time for everyone to hangout and ketchup on life. 
I am obsessed with candles! I have a collection of them, or is that just me. I love the smell of them, especially on a cold day. With winter right around the corner it's the perfect time to get cozy under the cover and light your favorite candles. Plus you can binge on your favorite Netflix shows. 
Waking Up Early On Christmas Day:
I remember one year I couldn't go to sleep and I just laid there wondering if it was time to wake up! It seemed like I was waiting for hours, but it's worth it in the end! Everyone it's the same, wake early and jam to Christmas songs. 
Santa Claus:
You're probably laughing at me right now and I'm ok with that! But this is definitely a top reason, why I love Christmas. Leaving Santa Claus, cookies and milk on Christmas Eve was the best. But then waking up on Christmas Day to see it gone was more exciting and he actually took the time to write back! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what you love about Christmas!

Blogmas Day 12: My Favorite Posts! (Blogmas Edition)

Monday, December 12, 2016
During the month of December I always enjoy, watching Vloggers participate in vlogmas. If you're not sure what that is, I'll explain. It's when YouTubers upload videos daily for the month of December. Well this year it's been brought to my attention that there's a blogmas for bloggers. I never knew that, but I'm glad I do now. I love reading how others are preparing for the holidays and learning about the things they enjoy doing around this time! So I'm going share my favorite posts from "Blogmas" so far. 
Victoria at Retro Snow Flakes!
Kayleigh at Very Berry Cosmo!
Hannah at Floraful! 
Alice-Tilly at Alice Tilly!
Mia at Mia Southertonx! 
Holly at Holzie Loves!
Skylar at Candidly Darling! 
Hayley at Hay Sparkle! 
Kate at Kate's Closet! 
The Blossom Twins at Sweet Is Always In Style! 
I hope you enjoyed reading, I have a lot more favorites so maybe I'll write a part two! What posts are you loving during blogmas? 

Blogmas Day 11: Simple Winter Stocking Stuffers!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Some of my favorite gifts are the ones that come from the Christmas Stockings! It's like little surprises and most of them are ones that I find to be a necessity in life. Well maybe that's just me. I know that for me, I love buying stocking stuffers for people during Christmas time. I put a lot of thought in the items that I buy. Basically my process is getting things that can be very useful for everyday life. These items are very lightweight and can easily fit inside your purse or bag when you go out. With the holidays here everyone is scattering in the malls/stores for Christmas gifts. No one has the time or money to think about presents for the stockings. It's also getting very cold outside and winter is right around the corner. So it makes perfect sense for me to share with you, my favorite stocking stuffers to buy for the winter all under $8! This way you giving the ones you love things they need and you're staying within your budget. 

During the winter, it's obviously cold outside and the first thing that comes to mind are the hands. From my experience my hands are the first things to get super cold. So wearing gloves is very important. I know a lot of gloves can be expensive, but if you go to Walmart they have some for under $4! You can't be that.  

Chapstick/ Lip Products 
During the winter a lot of people experience dry skin, especially on the lips. One the best lip products is by eos. My lips feel moisturized and healthy looking and it only cost $3! If you're not a fan of the eos lip balm, chapsticks work the same way and for only $1! 

Hand Sanitizer 
This is extremely important because germs are not healthiest. Whether you touch your car doors, house doors, throw away garbage or whatever it's important to make sure your hands are clean. Again Walmart is great for finding stocking stuffers. The small Purex bottom are under $2! 

Hand Lotion 
Just like dry lips, everyone deals with dry hands. I like to use the suave therapy lotion for dry skin and the eos hand lotion in cherry blossom. Both lotions keep my hands very moisturized throughout the day. The eos hand lotion is about $5 and the suave skin therapy is about $4. 

I love wearing socks especially around the house. Not only do I like wearing festive socks during the holidays, but they definitely keep your feet warm. At Walmart they have spa socks costing only $3, that's a great deal. These socks are regular ones you wear outside, it's like slipper socks! 

I love candles, I mean who doesn't! They smell really good and you can stay warm without turning on the heater. Candles come in all sizes so you can easily purchase the small ones for $1. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what you like to give or receive as stocking stuffers!