My #1 Favorite Track- Hello by Adele!

Friday, January 22, 2016

When I find a song I like, you better believe it will be play a thousand times! When Adele's "Hello" came out, everyone made a big deal out of it. To be honest I'm not surprised it was a hit! I love listening to her music, because I feel I can relate in some way.  After a couple of weeks I finally got around to listen to the song. It's brilliant! One of the things I like about Adele's music, is the fact that the words in her lyrics speak a truth we all know. 

But with this song, I felt a certain way. It made me think. When you first listen to the song and maybe even watching the video, it could mislead you to believe its about a relationship between a man and a women. But according to an interview, it's more than that. The message I got from this song is that, at some point in time we drift away from people we were once close to. But I guess it's normal. Everyone starts to find their own path in life and sometimes it may not included people we thought would be in our lives forever. 

If you haven't listened to this song yet, shame on you! I'm only kidding, but you really should. I'm a music lover and I love listening and understanding the lyrics. If you have a few minutes I suggest you pay attention. You will realize how much this song may relate to your life like I did. 

For the interview/article with Adele explaining the meaning behind "Hello" Here: Adele's Interview #5

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