Things to do During a Snowstorm!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Well I finally received the White Christmas I was looking for. Although it was after Christmas. Around where I live about 24-30 inches was accumulated. That's a lot! It was so dangerous outside so I hope everyone  is safe whether you did or did not get snow. My mom and I shoveled the snow; even though it wasn't really fun. Let's just it was pretty cold outside, but the sun came out. I didn't mind being snowed in, I felt cozy! But if you're someone who doesn't like that, I have a few ideas for you the next you're stuck!

Whether you're cooking or baking you can't go wrong. So while it's cold outside and no one can leave, practicing your skills in the kitchen will be so much fun! 

While you're cooking or baking, this is a perfect excuse to eat your favorite comfort foods! My favorites are hot pasta dishes like: ziti or lasagna and pizza.

Binge watch Netflix
I would definitely make use of the time, by watching my favorite shows on Netflix. I'm completely obsessed with it. I've completed a whole season of PLL (pretty little liars) within two days!

Play those good ole board games
I love board games they take me back to my childhood. This will definitely keep the family entertained, especially if you're competitive with each other. My favorites are: Sorry, Guess Who, Trouble, and the list goes on. 

Build a Snowman
I tried to build a snowman, but it didn't really work out for me. Honestly, being in the snow is very refreshing. It brings you back to being a kid. If you're not a fan of the snow that's fine. Just go outside and look at how beautiful the scenery is! Even better take some snow and make "snow ice cream"! I haven't tried this before, but if you like the idea go for it. 

These are things I like to do during a snowstorm. Actually I do these things when there isn't a storm. Obviously I can't build a snowman though. What are some things you do?