Out with the Old & In with the New!

Saturday, March 19, 2016
I recently wrote on social media that I felt lost in my blog. I also wrote about a big change happening to my blog. So let me explain; this year will mark my 4th year in blogging, which is pretty awesome! But to be honest I haven't really been completely happy with my blog. I have grown as a writer so my posts aren't the problem. I kept changing the design of my blog but, I still wasn't completely satisfied. Then it hit me recently, I wasn't happy with my blog url or the name. They don't match each other, it's obvious. When I first started out I had no idea what I was doing. Jerseygirl1216 was my screen name for YouTube. So I decided to make it my url. The name makes sense because it's about me but, as a url it's not working anymore. I have outgrown it. On my blog I talk about change and how I'm afraid of it, well this is an example. But I feel it's for the best although, I'm a little emotional.

I will also be changing my Facebook name and url to match my blog! So the only time you'll see the name jersey girl is on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! I refuse to change that! My new blog name will be "Pieces of Ashley" and it's refreshing for me. I have also decided to get my blog organized. I have a journal to write all of my post ideas and I have a planner. I realized I do need a little assistance! I hope you guys stay on this journey with me. I'm so excited for this new chapter of mine. I have become more confident, because of blogging and I want it to show. I want you all to feel like my blog is a place to hang with me and talk. So I will adding 2 new series on my blog, "Throwback Thursday and Late Night Chat"! Don't worry if you know and you read my blog a will have a redirect link for you to click on. For the next week or two I will refer you to my new blog. I'm still new to this. As a disclaimer "I am not deleting my blog I've worked to hard on it, I'm just changing it name/ url". So if you're a reader of mine, don't be confused if you see a different name, it's still me!

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I would also appreciate it, if you shared this post so everyone will know. Thank you for reading!


  1. Very nice blog

  2. Good on you for recognising and acknowledging where you felt you were going wrong! I know how scary change is but I bet you'll feel relief once it's done! ��

    1. Thank you! I really do feel relief, it's like I'm starting a new chapter.

  3. I like the new name :) Congrats on 4 years of blogging! xo