5 Ways to Start the Morning off Right

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I'm not an expert nor am I telling how to start your morning; these examples are how I start my morning. I find that these things get my day started on a good note and I am much more energized throughout the day. Also drinking enough water keeps you hydrated and it might help with tiredness!

1. Exercising:
Exercising is a great way to start the day. It's so motivating and I enjoy it; I have so much energy during the day because of it! I usually eat breakfast after I exercise. But I make sure to eat something simple before the gym. For example, it can be a banana, a nutrition/ protein bar, an applesauce, or some toast with jelly.

2. Writing in a journal:
Using a journal is something I recently started doing. It's very helpful for me to write down all my ideas and plans. This keeps me organized and its easy to remember!

3. Eating breakfast:
This really is the most important meal of the day. It's fuel to help assist you, in getting the day started. Unless you're like me and you exercise first thing in morning.

4. Breathing exercises:
For me I like to take a few minutes to just breathe in and out. It helps me to concentrate and focus on the things I need and want to accomplish.

5. Self motivation:
I like to tell myself that today is going to be a good day. Sometimes when I'm not in the mood first thing in the morning, my day tends to go that way. So I am grateful to be here, so I try to think/be positive!
I hope you enjoyed reading, what are some ways you like to start the morning?


  1. Lists like this make me happy! Getting started with my routine always helps, even just applying makeup I find pretty calming. I try not to get caught up in negative thoughts if I wake up tired because you're right-it makes everything worse! I need to get back into journal writing, it's a total therapy! Xx Jen beautylifemom.com

    1. I've started to realize that if you wake up in a positive mood, with a positive mindset you'll have a good day.