My Top Beach Must Haves!

Thursday, May 19, 2016
Summer is almost here, which means beach season is just around the corner! I can't wait to feel the sun beaming on my skin, the sand between my toes and the beautiful water. Going to the beach is something that never gets old. If you're someone who loves the beach, you know it's the most relaxing place to be. Like any other place, you need to be prepared for the beach. You're probably thinking this is a hard task; but trust me it's not. Whether you're going in a group or by yourself there's only a few things you really need.

Floppy Hat 
Wearing a beach hat is on the top. It's a popular beach wear item and it look classy, flirty, and chic. Most importantly it gives you shade from the sun.

These are something you can't forget. Sunglasses are cool and stylish; lets get real they block the harsh sunlight!

Beach Bag
Personally I believe a beach bag is a must. It really comes in handy when bringing a good amount of items to the beach. Like a drink or food; lipstick or lipgloss for reapplying; a cardigan if it gets chilly; wipes for sanitary reasons; the list goes on!

Towel/ Blanket
Both towel and blanket is important. The towel is for drying off, after getting out of the water; the blanket is so you do not lay directly on the sand. Walking in the sand is nice and cozy, but laying on it is quite painful... Ouch!

Beach Clothes/ Swimwear 
When people think of going to the beach, they associate it with bikinis. But you can wear whatever you want. You're going there to relax and have fun, it's not a contest. You could wear a one piece, two piece, shorts and a tank top, etc. If you're one who's into a cute bikini, try adoreme! I've seen a few commercials from them on tv. So when I checked out their website i was excited. Their very versatile especially with their swimwear. Whether you're petite or plus size they've got you covered! 

I love music and it definitely sets the tone of a great beach day! What's even better is that you can create a playlist specifically for a trip to the beach. Songs I like: California girls by Katy Perry, Something New by Zendaya, Summer Girls by LFO and Pretty Girls by Brittney Spears ft Iggy; just to name a few!

What's more fun then laying under the beautiful sun reading the latest gossip! Not everyone is into that, so replace a magazine with a book. 

Flip Flops or Sandals
Everyone has a preference when it comes to footwear at the beach. I love a nice pair of sandals, if I'm not in the mood for it I will got with a simpler look. Flip flops are easy to carry around and not just for the beach either. You can easily throw them in a bag! 
*If you want to check out adoreme for more information, here's their links! I'm in no way affiliated with them I just really like their site. 

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