My Favorite Halloween Movies!

Monday, October 31, 2016
Happy Halloween! For those that do not celebrate it, I hope you're having a good day! For Halloween, there's traditions you can't get rid of. I know for me I love watching horror movies. So I thought I would some of my favorite movies to watch, during Halloween time. 
Twitches One & Two: Growing up, I loved watching Tia and Tamera Mowry on the 90's hit show Sister Sister. Even after their show I watched whatever movie or show they were in. So it's not a surprise that I would love their Disney movies, Twitches one and two! I like how the concept of them meeting for the first time, is similar to their first episode of Sister Sister. If you don't know the show, well then I would call you crazy! So basically they met in mall when they were teenagers. They had no idea they were twins before that, because they were adopted. In twitches they were a a little older and met at a clothing store. Anyways in the movie not only did they find out they were "twins" but twin witches. Which obviously gives the title "Twitches"! It's definitely a favorite around here and a must watch! 
Halloween: This 1978 movie is a classic and it will never get old. Jamie Lee Curtis is truly a Scream Queen Legend! Everyone Halloween my sister and I watch every movie in this series. Sometimes my mom watches depending on which one it is. The music creeps me out to the extreme. Here's a fun fact for you, they used a William Shatner mask and the eyes out to make the Michael Myers mask. I don't know the whole story, but I'm pretty sure you can google it! I was scared when I would babysit, because I thought that things like this would happen regularly. I know my thinking is crazy, I get it. 
Scream: Scream is the classic horror film of the 90's. I could watch this over and over again! For some strange reason I thought high school would be like this for me, but clearly I was wrong. To be honest, I'm glad I was wrong because I don't think I would be ready for this situation! I'm pretty sure everyone has watched this movie, it's still popular. But if you have not I suggest you start. Neve Campbell kicked ass, I mean she had to fight more than one person. 
Hocus Pocus: Last but not least Hocus Pocus. This movie made me feel all of these emotions I wasn't expecting! When I was little I was scared because the characters of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy were witches. Not only that but the witches did not like kids, which terrified me more. You're probably thinking you still watch this movie, I mean how old are you. If you are really thinking this, I'm 24! I guess I'm just a kid at heart and movies like this are special! Bette Midler played her character well. She was evil but it was very interesting. The ending I tear up every time. Binx and Emily are reunited, it's very sentimental. I have a younger sister so I guess that's why. 
I would name more movies I watch, but it would take days and you and I don't have time! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you watched these movies or other horror, let me know!

Throwback Thursday: Charmed!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Here's another throwback for you and I'm really excited to talk about this one! During the girl gang chat on Monday we talked about childhood heroes. Before I continue, if you don't know the girl gang I'll explain. Jemma from dork face blog created this chat and its became a great success! It's on Mondays at 6pm UK time, but for me it's 1pm US easy cost time. There's no secret my mom is my hero, she's the best. But the first question was about fictional heroes from books, television, movies, etc. I didn't have to think twice, I immediately thought about Charmed! This was my favorite show and even though it's not on anymore I still watch it. It comes on TNT in the mornings and it's also on Netflix. I have every season expect 8 on DVD. I'm still searching for it, I guess everyone wanted it. I chose charmed because they proved that women can save the day, kick ass, and look good doing it! It's true, I faithfully watched this show every time it came on. I have laughed, cried, got angry, and yelled while watching this show. As you can see I was pretty invested. 
It's important for girls and women to know that it's ok to be independent and we can save the day. That's what charmed did for so many people, it gave confidence and hope. I feel like charmed broke out of the stereotype of girls not being able to protect themselves. I loved all of the characters, but my favorite was Prue (Shannon Doherty)! I loved watching Shannon on Beverly Hills 90210. Anyways I felt like I could relate to her, I'm the oldest between me and my sister. I am the protective older sister who becomes invincible, when sticking up for her younger sister. She was cool and badass at the same time. So when her character was gone that made me pissed off. I really need to calm down, but that's how upset I was. You didn't realize what happened to Prue, till after the first episode of the fourth season. I loved Piper (played by Holly Marie Combs) and how she was always the peacemaker, I guess I could relate to her too! She was always trying to see everyone's point of view, she was very understanding. Plus her power to freeze time was pretty awesome. Then there's the youngest and carefree sister Phoebe (Alyssa Milano). I remember watching reruns of who's the boss, when I was little. A fun fact for you all, my mom named my sister after her what a coincidence! Anyway she was the fighter as in she was the one who practiced martial arts, on top of her premonition power. These three changed my prospective on women during prime time television. Even when Paige's (Rose McGowan) character came in. I was a little skeptical because I missed the character of Prue. But it was something new and I enjoyed it. They were still on top and for eight years at that. Even though charmed is a throwback, it means so much more. Charmed will forever be that show you can't get enough of. I sound so emotional right now and for no reason, I'm weird! 
I hope you enjoyed reading this throwback and let me know if you watched Charmed! 

Things I've learned in 4 years of blogging!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

 It's crazy and sentimental how on this day 4 years I started blogging. Before than I couldn't have even imagined I would writing let alone on the internet using social media. Except Facebook, I've had that a few years before blogging. I guess I'm reflecting on everything I have experienced and the things I've learned along the way. Whether or not blogging is a job or a hobby for you, both are very hard work. Looking back I have come along way from the girl who didn't know how to take pictures or the girl who didn't think her writing was good enough. I'm not exactly where I want to be, but I have made a lot of big steps. I couldn't imagine not blogging, on twitter I would say this a lot. To be honest it's true, I have came across a lot of people who have inspired me. Not to long ago, I talked about not censoring my blog and expanding the kinds of topics I enjoy. I have so many goals and dreams for my blog. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to stay organized, but I would not be me if I did! 
While blogging I've learned a few things and I would like to share them with you. It's nothing extreme and if I only knew this when I started I probably wouldn't have went through obstacles and writers block. The one thing I will always be grateful for is the confidence blogging has given me! I'm not 100% confident, but it is more than I have been. I want to start blogging regularly and somewhat consistently. Is there even a such thing as somewhat consistently, am I even making sense? Anyway here are things I've learned from blogging and maybe I can help someone else. Just so you will know, I'm not giving advice. Not because I don't want to, but everyone goes through different experiences and challenges while blogging. Therefore I can't tell you what you should do and not do, quite frankly I don't know myself. But I'm to be the light that goes off, if I gave you an idea for yourself! 
Patience is very important, if only I knew that in the beginning. I was always easily discouraged and I would fall into a rut. I learned to be patient because things don't happen overnight. 
Consistency is the truly the key! This has been my biggest down fall over the years. It was hard to stay consistent. I realized it was because I always limited myself and my blog to specific topics. 
Taking Pictures in bulk, saves a lot of time. I start started taking pictures in bulk a couple of months ago and it really does help. I take pictures during the daytime, because of the sunlight or natural lighting. At night I write, because I am more relaxed. Listening to music helps me too. 
Getting involved in twitter chats is something I'm grateful for. It build up my confidence, with meeting new people and putting myself out there. This is also a good way to do some self promotion. I'm still getting used to sharing my posts, I don't want to spam everyone's timeline. 
Being yourself is the number one important thing I've learned. Now this is different because I don't lie about who I am, I just chose what I wanted to share and what I did not. Although some things are off limits right now, I've become more open! 
I am determined more than ever to become a better blogger for myself! Now although I have not been consistent with blogging I've stuck with it for this long. I haven't gone a year without it. So happy 4th birthday to my blog who I love so much. Even though you're not a person you have helped me so much! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to share how long you've been blogging!

Carli Bybel Palette from BH Cosmetics!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon and buy something, just because other people do it. If you do there is nothing wrong with that, so please don't get offended. Now if there is a product that I really want that's a different story. A while ago I brought the Carli Bybel palette from BH Cosmetics. If your thinking, "why is she talking about this now" I get it. The reason I didn't talk about this palette before was because everyone else was and it can be repetitive. So I figured better late than never, right? 
Before I talk about this palette, I'm going to start off talking about the person behind this palette. I would also like to state that this is not a sponsored post. I say this because it's ok to admire someone and a product they create without them knowing or compensating you. I began watching Carli Bybel a few years ago and I became a fan. I obviously don't know her, but she seems genuinely nice and true to herself. So when her palette came out I knew I wanted to get It. I'm glad she collaborated with bh cosmetics because I love their products. Enough of my rambles, I'll continue on with my review! 

The front of the palette is simple and pretty. Sometimes the design of a product can look over the top, so I like this a lot. Now when I open the palette, the colors are neutral and I love neutral colors. If you're like me you don't wear a lot of makeup, so this is a plus. Although the palette is the same for everyone, we all have different skin tones. Now for me in the past, some eyeshadows just didn't favor my skin. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What may work for one person may not for the next. Fortunately, I don't have this problem with this palette. The colors are still vibrant and gorgeous. The fun part was swatching, these eyeshadows and highlighters. As soon as I swatched these colors I fell in love with them. They may look neutral, but it's far from that! These colors are so pretty but last two rows are everything. If only you could see my excitement.

The first row consists of light colors to purple colors. In my opinion the first two colors are perfect for under the eyebrow, but everyone's preference is different. These two colors can also be used as a base for the darker colors, giving them an extra pop. The second row and last of the eyeshadows are my absolute favorites. These colors are perfect for fall and I love the shimmer they have. I'm a fan of  neutral colors, when it comes to makeup so I don't really care for the bright colors. So I like how these eyeshadows give the right amount of pop, but not over the top. The third row and last of this palette is beautiful. These highlights are gorgeous! I don't wear any face makeup so I'm not sure how I could use this. I might use these as eyeshadows, I know these are not meant for that but I'm a rebel. Overall these eyeshadows are pigmented; the last two rows are more pigmented in my opinion compared to the first row, but that is only because my skin tone is tan. So it might be different for someone of a lighter tone or someone of a darker tone. I can't wait to do some fall eye looks and share them with you!

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have the Carli Bybel palette feel free to share your thoughts.






Throwback Thursday: MTV Classics

Thursday, October 13, 2016
Have you ever looked back on your childhood and compare it to, today's kids? Well I have and I find myself doing this quite often. So I decided to share a throwback, since it is "Throwback Thursday". Don't worry I'm not showing pictures of me when I was younger. I decided to something a little different. I'm sure all of you know about MTV, right? This was one of the hottest networks for me growing up. As I was watching it the other day, I started thinking about what it used to be like.
Clearly a lot has changed as far as television shows and music. Actually I don't even think there's any music shows anymore. Can you see where I'm going with this? TRL (Total Request Live), oh how I loved this show. It ran from 1999 to 2009, if you didn't know. Carson Daly was the host and I tuned in everyday. I feel like kids in middle school and high school today are missing out. That show was a place to discover new music. Although times are changing with stuff like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and more there was nothing like seeing the artist on TRL. I didn't realize how much MTV has changed, don't get me wrong I still like it. So there's no need to start yelling at the computer! I'm just reflecting on when I was younger. Remember shows like Daria, Beavis and Butthead. How about the shows where you find love: Next, Parental Control, Room Raiders, Dismissed, The X Effect, and Date My Mom just to name a few. If you haven't heard of Date My Mom, you're probably thinking what in the world is she talking about. Inside of boring you, I will give the quick summary. Single people go out on dates with three moms. But here's the catch, these moms try to convince them to choose their daughter or son to date!
Then there's my favorite "reality shows": Laguna Beach and The Hills!  I was so obsessed with Laguna Beach, my mom got me seasons one and two on dvd years ago. They were regular teenagers like me dealing with high school drama. So they were very relatable and I watched every episode faithfully. Then The Hills became a spin off of Laguna Beach and we got to know a little bit more about Lauren Conrad or LC. Looking back I was such a dork while watching Laguna Beach and The Hills, I felt like I knew them. I learned a lot from these shows, especially what not to do.  
I'm glad MTV still has the "Real World". This show quickly become popular when it premiered in 1992. I've seen the first season online, but obviously I was still a baby when it originally came out. I am not surprised this show is still going. I mean who wouldn't want to see seven strangers living together! There were a lot more shows that I could talk about but, I'll save that for next Thursday!

5 Tips to Manage Stress

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stress is something we all face on an daily basis and it can be a difficult challenge. Even though the title is tips to manage stress, everyone handles it differently. Stress can cause anxiety and that is not good at all. Anxiety is really not a great feeling to have, I know my chest gets a funny feeling and I start getting hot. Has that ever happened to anybody? I know for me I have a few ways I like to manage stress. It's alright to take a step back and breathe, sometimes you just have to take a break period.
When I'm stressed out I feel like jumping out of my body and running away, if that makes any sense. I won't go into a rant because it would just be me saying how I yell and throw a tantrum like a two year old. Although I am only 24, I feel my patience is wearing thin. For example, the other day I was at the grocery store and it was really crowded. Everyone was bumping into each other and I started getting pissed. It's like "where are you going, there is no where to go, slow down". Anyway I decided to share my "tips" and what I like to do to manage stress. I'm no expert these are the things that work for me. But hopefully these ideas help someone else!
1. Music: I love listening to music! There is not enough time in the day to talk about my love for it. This is my happy place when I am by myself or with other people. When I am sad, pissed off, happy, anxious, and obviously stressed music calms me down. Whenever I'm feeling tensed I will turn on the music. I love pop, r &b, rap, hip hop, latin, reggae, a little bit of rock and country. You're probably thinking "she just named basically every genre". I get it, but sometimes I feel the need to explain everything so you'll get me. Maybe we can share our interest in music!
2. Writing: Surprisingly writing is comforting for me. Whether it is writing ideas for my blog, writing on Twitter or Instagram. When I was in high school I would write little poems during class. Now looking back I realized how creative I was. A longtime ago while watching television, I can't remember the show but someone was upset and wrote their feelings on paper. After that they threw the paper in the garbage. I think that's a great technique. Also writing in a journal or diary helps, when I was younger I had a lot of them. Remember the ones that had a lock and key, I felt so responsible!
3. Drawing/ Sketching: My dream is to become a fashion designer. This has always been my dream since I was in the 4th grade. If you want to checkout why here's a post I did awhile ago: Dream of being a fashion designer. Drawing flowers and sketching dresses is a great stress reliever for me. I have not sketched in a longtime. But I am slowly making my way back. In high school I remember drawing a full dress with all the details, in one class period. I probably should have been listening to the teacher!
4. Reading: I wasn't ever into reading books, but if you're a book lover this can be a way to relax and relieve stress. However I do love reading magazines! My favorites are Us Magazine (Us Weekly) and People Magazine. I'm into reading celebrity gossip and the latest trends or beauty tips. But if you're not into that you can read some inspirational/ motivation quotes. These really help get out of a rut if I am feeling the blues.

5. Exercising: Whether it's walking, running, taking up a dance class or watching a dance workout dvd, it helps. It doesn't have to be a hour long, 15 to 30 minutes is fine! Walking is really calming and soothing for me. I have a playlist with all my favorites so it doesn't get boring. What I would like to do is take up a kick boxing class. I'm pretty sure that would release a lot of stress.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you use these already or have any other tips let me know!

Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum

Monday, October 10, 2016
A few years ago I didn't know anything about having a skincare routine. But I realized how important it is to have one, while using Valentia. Valentia's transformative retinol serum fights wrinkles. This serum provides hydration, for visibly smoother, rejuvenated skin. It Diminishes wrinkles, stimulates collagen, improves skin tone, manages breakouts, and conditions skin. Valentia is really the only brand that list their ingredients and actually explain what each ingredient is suppose to do.

Key Ingredients
Retinol (Vitamin A): This clinically proven antioxidant is a triple threat. It works at the cellular level to stop wrinkles from forming, manages acne breakouts, and evens out skin discoloration. Retinol helps reverse the clock, for more youthful looking and acting skin.
Vitamin C: An essential nutrient that boosts Retinol's protective effects, guarding skin against nasty
free-radicals and environmental damage to prevent premature aging.
Vitamin E: Specifically chose for its superior moisture protection, Vitamin E floods the skin with hydration, diminishing the dryness affects of Retinol.
Squalane: Derived from pure olive oil, this nutrient-rich ingredient softens and conditions delicate skin. It further assists in mitigating the dryness caused by retinol, while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

What I like about Valentia is their natural ingredients. The ingredients is not harsh for your skin, which is very important to me. I know when a product is not right for my skin, because it is left feeling dryer than before I tried it. Also my skin does not look hydrated, it looks dull. The Valentia Revive Retinol Serum is a product that I could use for a long time. The reason is because the revive retinol serum improves your skin tone. Around my cheeks it's uneven and this helps correct that problem for me. Most importantly if you're like me, you experience breakouts. Valentia's Night Revive Retinol Serum helps mange breakouts. Although I have not used this for that long, I do not have as many bumps on my face or blemishes. At night after using this my face always feels smoother, so that's a plus for me. It absorbs through my skin easily and there's no greasy residue left. The texture is a liquid consistency, but it's not greasy or sticky. To apply the product, I use the dropper. I like dropper, just because it's easier to control the amount that goes on. You can use this serum nightly, but if irritation and redness occurs then use every two to three nights  until your skin adjusts. I didn't really experience redness on  my skin. Sometimes I have redness below my eyes, but before my cheeks so that has nothing to do with this products. Overall I really like this serum and using it has helped my breakouts/ fixing my uneven skin tone.

If you want to learn more, feel free to checkout the links below!

*This is a Sponsored Post. I was sent this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


Helpful Posts/Sites For Bloggers

Friday, October 7, 2016

Being a blogger is not easy at all, whether it's a hobby or a job. Every blogger works so hard to put out quality work. But sometimes it can be a struggle. While in a blogging rut I came across a lot of posts that have helped me gain confidence. These posts also helped me realize my creativity; all I needed to do was use my noggin! But before you click on the links below, I'm going to explain what these links mean to me. I don't want to bore you but I'm hoping these will help you too.
Everytime I get into a blogging rut I always look at my blog design. Thinking that the design I have is always the problem, I go and I spend money to change it. In reality the major problem was myself. Now don't get me wrong, designs I've had were beautiful it just wasn't for me. During my long "break" or breakdown I did a lot of searching. I'm pretty sure you all heard of Etsy, am I right? This is where I found two shops that have helped me tremendously. Not to discredit the other wonderful design shops out there. Kate is the shop owner of Mistery Designs, she is so kind and patient. Even now if I have a question for her she helps me out. She designed my blog design! Now if you have read my blog before you're probably rolling your eyes. I understand because I say the same thing over and over again. But this time it's different I truly love this design and it really fits me, so make sure you checkout Kate's in the link down below. Next is Hayle and her shop is Designs by Hayle. Before I continue these are my opinions and no is giving me anything to say this. Hayle is a brand designer, she designed my favicon. If you don't know what I'm talking about, a favicon is the little symbol or picture next to the website name. Hayle is also nice and she makes sure you are satisfied with your design. So make sure you take a look at these two design shops!
As I'm reading this post I feel like I am giving my acceptance speech after an award! The posts listed below have helped me realize that I should be doing a lot more for my blog. I won't go into details but I have put the links into the topics that each of them cover. These posts are very helpful and its like a guide for you. I'm grateful that bloggers take the time out to write helpful posts like this. So I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did. Don't forget to show these girls some love!
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  • Photography Tips
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  • Inspiring

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Monday, October 3, 2016
In my fantasy world I dream of having soft, beautiful, and bouncy curls. But reality has proved me wrong. If you're anything like I am then you have a love/hate relationship with your hair. You are constantly fighting a battle with your hair everyday. Finding the right product for your hair can be a long process. I have always wanted to try the Macadamia Repair Masque, but it's very expensive. Fortunately, Notino is an online store you can buy products you like at an affordable price! So I finally got my hands on this. The Macadamia "Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque" is a revitalizing hair reconstructor for dry, damaged hair.  The good thing about this hair masque is that it's: cruelty free, paraben free,  and alcohol free. I experience dry hair, especially on the ends of my hair. The ends of your hair are the most fragile part, because it's the oldest so they need a lot of attention.
When it comes to taking care of my hair, I'm not easily impressed with a lot of products. It takes a good hair product to get me excited! The Macadamia Repair Masque so far works really well. I noticed a difference in my hair. The texture is softer than before and my hair is not as dry. More importantly it is easy to comb through my hair and I don't experience a lot of breakage. This is great to use on color treated hair and if you have course hair. I have course hair so this had helped my hair.  I'm very impatient when it comes to seeing results. I easily become discouraged; but while going through hair changes I learned that you have to be patient. Results do not happen overnight and that goes for hair, skin, etc. In order to get the best results it should be used about twice a week for 15 minutes. While waiting I put a shower cap on my head but, if you were to use it you don't have to. I like to use a wide tooth comb while distributing the product throughout my hair. But a brush can be used too.  Overall I like this repair masque and I can't wait to update you on my hair!
If you would like to know more about the Macadamia Repair Masque click on the link below!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! What are some hair products you like to use?