Throwback Thursday: Charmed!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Here's another throwback for you and I'm really excited to talk about this one! During the girl gang chat on Monday we talked about childhood heroes. Before I continue, if you don't know the girl gang I'll explain. Jemma from dork face blog created this chat and its became a great success! It's on Mondays at 6pm UK time, but for me it's 1pm US easy cost time. There's no secret my mom is my hero, she's the best. But the first question was about fictional heroes from books, television, movies, etc. I didn't have to think twice, I immediately thought about Charmed! This was my favorite show and even though it's not on anymore I still watch it. It comes on TNT in the mornings and it's also on Netflix. I have every season expect 8 on DVD. I'm still searching for it, I guess everyone wanted it. I chose charmed because they proved that women can save the day, kick ass, and look good doing it! It's true, I faithfully watched this show every time it came on. I have laughed, cried, got angry, and yelled while watching this show. As you can see I was pretty invested. 
It's important for girls and women to know that it's ok to be independent and we can save the day. That's what charmed did for so many people, it gave confidence and hope. I feel like charmed broke out of the stereotype of girls not being able to protect themselves. I loved all of the characters, but my favorite was Prue (Shannon Doherty)! I loved watching Shannon on Beverly Hills 90210. Anyways I felt like I could relate to her, I'm the oldest between me and my sister. I am the protective older sister who becomes invincible, when sticking up for her younger sister. She was cool and badass at the same time. So when her character was gone that made me pissed off. I really need to calm down, but that's how upset I was. You didn't realize what happened to Prue, till after the first episode of the fourth season. I loved Piper (played by Holly Marie Combs) and how she was always the peacemaker, I guess I could relate to her too! She was always trying to see everyone's point of view, she was very understanding. Plus her power to freeze time was pretty awesome. Then there's the youngest and carefree sister Phoebe (Alyssa Milano). I remember watching reruns of who's the boss, when I was little. A fun fact for you all, my mom named my sister after her what a coincidence! Anyway she was the fighter as in she was the one who practiced martial arts, on top of her premonition power. These three changed my prospective on women during prime time television. Even when Paige's (Rose McGowan) character came in. I was a little skeptical because I missed the character of Prue. But it was something new and I enjoyed it. They were still on top and for eight years at that. Even though charmed is a throwback, it means so much more. Charmed will forever be that show you can't get enough of. I sound so emotional right now and for no reason, I'm weird! 
I hope you enjoyed reading this throwback and let me know if you watched Charmed! 


  1. Charmed was one of my favorite shows in high school. Phoebe was always my favorite but I loved how Piper stepped up into the older sister role after Prue's death.

  2. Ive never watched it but i did love 90210!